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2018 Meeting Calendar
January 28
February 18
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December 16
If you are interested in attending, please message the administrator. We will get back with you. Thanks!

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Be yourself... everyone else is already taken--Oscar Wilde - Regretful Rabbit

Poignant short film.

Directed by Bennett Lasseter. Written by Melissa Hoppe. Produced by Hoppe. Edited by Leo Chan. Photographed by Andressa Cor. Music by Sela Alexander. Production…
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January 16
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Next meeting Sunday, January 28, 2018. Will post rest of calendar soon.

Our voices united bear powerful witness and results! Huge victory!
From Debi Jackson:
"Thank you to all of the parents who signed onto our letter to Jeff Mateer regarding his statements about trans kids! That letter and coverage around it and others asking about his statement has lead to (R) Senator Grassley putting on the pressure in the Judiciary Committee to ensure his nomination was rejected.

There is power in parents and allies standing up to expose discriminatory speec...h and actions and demand accountability. This is big win!

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Sen. Charles E. Grassley had advised the White House to “reconsider” its picks after reports that they had expressed sentiments seemingly in favor of discrimination.

Haven't read it yet, but you may be interested...(ordered my copy).

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Bringing Up Gender Renegades is with Jamie Lee.

Go buy to this book. Seriously. It's gold. It's about a baby fox that fell out of his den and into a turtle hole and landed in a shell and was raised as a turtl...e. He never felt like a turtle because he wasn't a turtle but his family loved him & encouraged him to be a turtle- they didn't care that he looks different. But one day he realizes that he needs to break out of his shell and be who he really is. He's embraced by his friends and family and he is so much happier. It was written by a guy that grew up in my community and life was really hard for him as a kid. I don't know whether or not the author is personally trans but he wrote it for kids like mine and put the website for the Trevor Project at the end.

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In an incredible turnout of pro-equality voters, Americans across the country elected at least seven out transgender people to office during yesterday’s election.
On the first day of high school, Emily Rose Flauto wore a skirt, long hair and, in a painful choice, a pair of heels. "I made a great

Our last two meetings of the year:
Nov. 19
Dec. 17

GEKCO Gender Expansive Kids and Company updated their 360 cover photo.

This is a new group (affiliated with the NCTE) that will do more lobbying and will publish info regarding political candidates. Donations are not tax deductible, but there is an $80K match, so your money will go extra far to advocate for equal rights for transgender people. The $80K match also applies to donations to the NCTE, which ARE tax deductible. Either way, they fund a good cause.

Donate today to help fight for trans equality and make our collective voice even louder. Your support will help your Action Fund show politicians that trans rights matter and trans people vote.
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation that recognizes a third gender option for driver's licenses and birth certificates.

In under two days, 278 parents representing 36 states (plus one deployed overseas and one in Canada!) signed.
A copy of the letter has also been personally emailed directly to Mr. Mateer from NCTE's Director of Policy.
Link to the letter in the story. #weobject #kidsaremiracles…/

"We believe our children are miracles, like every child — not a part of 'Satan’s plan.'"