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Top Ten Most Leading Causes Of Death In Men

It is believed medically that men have a shorter life expectancies than women , There are many serious health problems that have a much higher risk to occur in men than women which can result in death eventually , Studies were made by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show th

What vitamins are important during pregnancy?

What vitamins are important during pregnancy? - Pregnant Women - Nothing makes a woman happier than expecting a child and bringing him up .during pregnancy a woman experiences a lot of hormonal and physical changes . these changes demands a lot of extra nutrition and vitamins .what are the important...

5 Effective ways to get rid of water retention in the body

Do you feel bloated? Your feet are swollen also and you don’t know why? If you feel so and you noticed that you have gained weight while you did not change your diet and life system, it means that you are suffering from retention of water in your body. Therefore, we will give you some simple guide...

8 Things Your Body Does That You Never Knew Were Defense Mechanisms

8 Things Your Body Does That You Never Knew Were Defense Mechanisms - Health Tips, Healthcare - The human body is very complex collection of numerous biological cycles and systems that regular people don’t often fully understand. Our bodies have a set of defense mechanisms which constitute differe...

If You Want To Live Long Eat These Eight Foods

We all wish to live a long life where we are healthy and enjoying every single detail, there are many things we can do in our youth in order to improve our health and in turn have the possibility to live longer, ditching bad and harmful habits like smoking and drinking alcohol while having a discipl

6 Common Problems That You May Experience During Pregnancy

6 Common Problems That You May Experience During Pregnancy - Pregnant Women - Pregnancy is a special period in every woman’s life. During pregnancy, your body experiences many changes which can cause some unpleasant symptoms. Although every pregnancy is completely different, there are always some ...

5 Worrisome Signs That Will Tell You Your Child is Spoiled

Have you every wondered whether you are raising your child right or not? Were you ever confronted by people who say that you are spoiling your child and wondered if there was any truth to what they say? Here is your answer; the signs that tell you your child is spoiled. 1- The other side is alway

Is pregnancy painful ?

Is pregnancy painful ? - Pregnant Women - Although Pregnancy is the best miracle that can happen during any woman’s life, your body experiences a lot of changes which sometimes causes you discomfort . some women wonder what kind of pain can you go through during this period ? this article is here ...

4 natural methods for removing facial hair

Some women suffer from Hirsutism. It happens due to high levels of the androgen hormone in the body. This hormone makes the facial hair growth fast and excessive. Although there are many treatments for this issue as laser, these treatments are so painful and expensive. So, here we will give you f

Top 5 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Top 5 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar - Health Food - Apple cider vinegar is the most popular vinegar in the natural health community. It has fantastic properties which make it very effective when is used for practical uses such as making pickles, killing weeds, cleaning coffee makers, and po...

5 Symptoms That Will Tell You That You Have a Shortage in Iron

It is a well known fact that our bodies need certain quantities of minerals and vitamins to be able to function effectively. One of such minerals - or more likely the most important of which - is iron. When iron levels in our bodies get low, a range of problems can happen as a result. And you alread

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Love Pineapples Too Much

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Love Pineapples Too Much - Health Food - Personally, I consider pineapple the king of fruits. Why not when it has this glorious shape, beautiful crown, sweet fragrance that draws you from afar, sweet sour taste and a gorgeous golden color inside and out? It is sad, howev...

Common Mistakes Associated With Hair Removal To Avoid

Hair removal has become a weekly or monthly sometimes daily routine in every woman's life whether by waxing, plucking or shaving, however there are some common mistakes most of us do during hair removal that lead to skin problems like rashes, red patches and ingrown hair, in order to avoid those

Effective Exercises to Lose Stubborn Arm Fat

Effective Exercises to Lose Stubborn Arm Fat - Losing Weight - Some people suffer from stubborn spots in their body that have a fat accumulation. Arms are one of these common spots which cause unpleasant appearance for many women. You can get rid of these fats by doing the following exercises that a...

Only one clove will help you lose weight and will improve your health

It’s simple and inexpensive if you just swallow one clove of garlic every day on an empty stomach and you will see how much your life will be changed and you will get rid of obesity. It will burn some of your body fat, strengthen your hair and even strengthen your sexual ability. Here is how garli...

15 Weeks Pregnant: What is Happening for You and Your Baby

15 Weeks Pregnant: What is Happening for You and Your Baby - 15 Weeks Pregnant, pregnancy week by week - Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Your pregnancy now is an amusing journey with your unborn baby, as you can talk to him and imagine his reaction to your sound and touches. The growing look of your t...