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5 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas

5 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas - Home Remedies - These little creepy pests called fleas are a nightmare for every pet owner. These wingless creatures remain hidden in your lawn and badly affect the health of your pet. There are several products available to get rid of fleas, but these...

Seven Causes For Late Period

If you are trying for a baby or even if you are not, despite the bloating sensation, mood swings and cramps, having regular periods is a bless for us all as women, there are many different reasons why your period may be irregular or always late, you should first determine the cause in order to find

Gorgeous Haircuts for Long Hair

Gorgeous Haircuts for Long Hair - Hair Cut - Who doesn’t love fairytales’ princesses? For sure I am talking about Snow white, Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc. Why am talking about fairytales’ princesses? Because, most of them have a long hair that looks really stunning and you my princess can make y...

10 Factors That Disturb Your Menstruation

Having menstruation is a tiring issue on its own, so how about having an irregular menstrual cycle? Menstrual cycle irregularities like getting heavy periods, missing periods or spotting between periods have several reasons. A regular cycle lasts from 28-31 days from the beginning of a period to the

5 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

5 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer - Cancer, Cancer, Ovarian Cancer - Ovarian Cancer which is often called the “silent killer”, is one of the most deadly cancers in women. It is usually found at a very advanced stage because its symptoms are often so subtle and seems like common annoyances. And tha...

6 Great ways for reducing belly fat easily

There are many reasons for having a big tummy. The main reasons are the wrong types of food that we eat and not exercising. We should follow some steps if we are aiming towards burning belly fat and getting toned tummy. Here are the steps in details. - You should eat more often having small por

How to get rid of Ingrown Hair

How to get rid of Ingrown Hair - Hair Removal - Ingrown hair is an annoying problem that faces many women and negatively affects the look of their skin. Ingrown hairs appear within days after a close shave, waxing or any type of hair removal. Ingrown hair is the hair that grows back into the skin in...

Top Ten Things That Increase Height After 18

Height is related to genes to a certain extent and that is agreed about , but beside genetic factors , scientists also discovered that height is also related to growth and hormonal factors , We all believed that by the age of 18 gaining height become really slow or even stops at all , but we are her

30 Weeks Pregnant: Contrasting Symptoms You Will Never Understand

30 Weeks Pregnant: Contrasting Symptoms You Will Never Understand - 30 Weeks Pregnant, pregnancy week by week - Pregnancy Due Date Calculator The last stage of your pregnancy is full of contrasts due to your baby's large size inside your womb and your personal need for rest. The 30th week in particu...

How to Lose Weight after Giving Birth

You are no longer pregnant but your balance seems to disagree? Don't worry, there are healthy ways to drop this baby weight and get back your fit body. Before moving on to the weight loss advices, we congratulate you for welcoming a new family member! And now we show you how to lose those pregnancy

What to Eat for a Healthy Pregnancy

What to Eat for a Healthy Pregnancy - Pregnant Women - Many women think that they have to drastically change their diet or eating habits once they are pregnant, which is not right. All you need to do is to follow a well-balanced diet during your pregnancy as it is a vital factor for your own health....

Discover The Four Secrets To Healthy Lashes

Killer lashes start with having strong and healthy ones. There are secrets to healthy stunning lashes: 1. Make sure to be extra cautious specially when you are removing your eyes makeup . The hair roots where the eyelashes grow are very delicate, that disaster of rubbing off eye makeup can cause

Alarming Signs of Breast Cancer

Alarming Signs of Breast Cancer - Cancer, Cancer - Every woman should be aware of the symptoms and signs of breast cancer to be able to find it early which increases her chances of successful treatment. Performing monthly breast self-exam is very important as it will help you to easily identify any....

Eight Little Known Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are filling, healthy and very delicious, they are perfect if you are trying to lose weight as it is filling and release energy in the body slowly throughout long periods of time, which means that you will be full and energetic for long time without having to eat snacks, sweet potato i

6 Weeks Pregnant: Major developments and Exciting Events

6 Weeks Pregnant: Major developments and Exciting Events - 6 Weeks Pregnant, pregnancy week by week - Pregnancy Due Date Calculator It is a joyful experience to feel that a new life is developing inside you and that you can affect such a newly formed baby with your voice and touch. You and your husb...

Natural Remedies To Tighten Skin And Close the Pores

Your skin requires an ongoing care routine because there are several factors that may cause damage to the skin such as sunlight, unbalanced diet, dehydration, genetics, makeup, neglect and so on. One of the things that happen to the skin as we grow is sagging of the skin and the presence of opene