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5 Warning Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

5 Warning Symptoms of Cervical Cancer - Cancer, Cancer, PMS Symptoms - In the earliest stages of development, cervical cancer caused a big number of deaths in women as many symptoms are rarely alarming and they were overlooked. But today there is a significant reduction in that number because of the...

6 Things Couples Who Stay Together Long Do to Maintain Their Relationship

It has been already proven time and time again that you need much more than love for a romantic relationship to work. So many marriages that were for love failed while others that didn’t start with it succeeded and prevailed. And the reason is the things couples do that make them closer and more a...

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Tips for a healthy pregnancy - Pregnant Women - Pregnant women should take care of their health because it's crucial for the babies especially on their first trimester. It is where the baby is developing its vital organs such as the brain, spinal cord and etc. the following article provides you with...

4 Tricks to Decorate Your Living Room and Dining Room Combo

Having dinner in a dining room combined with a living room area is an ongoing trend nowadays, especially in lofts or condominiums with big rooms. However, sometimes this can be considered a curse and a blessing at the same time when you find that the ambiance of each room contrasts with that of the

Signs to tell you that you are diabetic

Signs to tell you that you are diabetic - Diabetes - Literally, millions of people are being diagnosed with diabetes. In this article, you will discover the tell tale diabetes signs and symptoms. But before we dive into the meat of our discussion, let us briefly look at how diabetes occurs. The perc...

Three Foods For Burning Belly Fats

Belly fat that accumulate around the midsection of your body won't only make you unattractive but also will increase your risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, liver diseases and diabetes, it is a major concern for alot of people and unfortunately, gaining fat around the belly is considerably

5 Practical Tips To Make Your Baby Smart

5 Practical Tips To Make Your Baby Smart - Kids Health - Parenting a baby is a hard yet enjoyable task that requires a great effort from the parents. Parenting a baby is not only about feeding, rocking, and so on, but there are also a number of things you can do early in your child’s life to help ...

Eight Foods To Avoid In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Good nutrition during the first trimester of your pregnancy is the key for your health and your fetus health, and just like there are foods that you should make sure to eat during pregnancy, there are foods and drinks you should completely stay away from specially during the first trimester of your

Looking for Some Important Pregnancy Tips? Read this One

Looking for Some Important Pregnancy Tips? Read this One - Pregnant Women - Pregnancy is an amazing thing that can happen to any woman, it’s like magic, you go through a lot of beautiful things and you experience amazing feelings. But like anything new, you may face some difficulties or unusual ch...

Normal And Abnormal Vaginal Discharge And When To Worry

Vaginal discharge is normal and has many purposes, however, abnormal vaginal discharge is something you should monitor closely and pay attention to, panicking and stressing may increase the problem, instead of you trying to find out the cause of the problem yourself, don't be shy and consult your do

Did you place your feet outside the blanket while sleeping?

Did you place your feet outside the blanket while sleeping? - Tips - Insomnia can be very disturbing, and this inconvenience maybe increased sometimes to the extent that it may adversely affect the lifestyle, especially if the available methods and means do not work to treat it. If you suffer from t...

How to Cure Swollen Feet Naturally

Your feet don't fit in your favorite shoes anymore because they became uncomfortably swollen? We will help you in this article to get your feet back to their normal size. First of all, you should know that the condition of swollen feet is not a disease but it is caused by another problem such as

Did You Know That These 5 Things Are Preventing You from Losing Weight

Did You Know That These 5 Things Are Preventing You from Losing Weight - Losing Weight - Losing weight…the everlasting dilemma of the modern human being. It is why many companies are standing right now, and it is why many people are suffering, and also why an industry worth billions of dollars is ...

Things You Didn't Know About Menstruation

Most women know that menstruation is usually every 28 days, more or less, and they use sanitary pads during this period, which lasts from 3-6 days. Most menstruating women suffer from some ups and downs in their mood in this period of time die to some biological changes that depend on many aspects o

4 Foods and Herbs That Can Flush Nicotine Out of Your Body

4 Foods and Herbs That Can Flush Nicotine Out of Your Body - Health Food - You already know what Nicotine is. It is that addictive component in cigarettes that makes you waste a fortune on them, the same component reasonable for a number of fatal diseases. It is also a stimulant that can prevent vit...

Four Signs You May Have A Kidney Disease

Despite the fact that kidney disease is quit common among adults, more than 90% of those having kidney diseases are unaware of their condition, that is because the symptoms of kidney diseases can easily be attributed to other health condition, the only way you can know for sure the state of your kid