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Vishal Biyani is an awesome and versatile techie. Not just coding - he is speaks well and also shares his knowledge freely to the community!

Check out his session "Serverless on Kubernetes with Fission" by Vishal Biyani (CTO, InfraCloud Technologies, Inc.) in India Serverless Summit 2017 organized in Bangalore by CodeOps Technologies.

Missed Serverless Summit? Join us in upcoming AI Dev Days conference:

This talk was given by Vishal Biyani (CTO, InfraCloud Technologies) in Serverless Summit 2017 happened in Bangalore. For more details about the summit please...
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AI Dev Days

We are happy to share that OSFY/EFY Group is media partner for the upcoming AI Dev Days conference in Bangalore on 9th & 10th March. For more details, visit: Open Source For You

Hari Kiran G

Its pretty scary to see how fast time flies! Its been an amazing year for CodeOps with many significant milestones: successfully organized Container Conference ...and Serverless Summit, our 8 meetups are now inching towards 18k members, we trained more than 1200+ techies, moved to our own office space! A BIG thank you to YOU - volunteers, participants, sponsors, customers, ...

These successes have given us energy and enthusiasm to grow in consulting, product development and community contribution. We look forward to your continued support for scaling newer heights in 2018. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year!

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AI Dev Days

A few days back, an alien teen jumped out from an UFO (spaceship?). He was wearing a cool T-shirt and Denim jeans. When cops caught him and asked why he is her...e, he projected a blue hologram making an important announcement to earthlings! It read: AI Dev Days - 9th March 2018, Bangalore!

Glad to announce our next conference: (work-in-progress - bots will fill more contents soon!).

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Check out the video on "Comparing Docker Deployment Options in the Public Cloud" by Sreenivas Makam (Docker Captain, @Cisco) presented in Bangalore Container Conference:

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This was presented at Bangalore Container Conference on April 7th 2017 by Sreenivas Makam, Senior Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems and Docker Captain. Cont...

"Creating Serverless Solutions with Azure" by Wriju (Microsoft) in Serverless Summit: #inserverless #cloud #azure

-- This presentation was made during Serverless Summit - -- "Serverless" is the buzzword today. But no one serverless technology can offe…

As always, all good things come to an end - and so was Serverless Summit. It was months of work - sweat and toil but short of blood and tears - but it is totally worth it!

We had passionate speakers and amazing sessions - we not just enjoyed putting together things and organizing but also attending it ourselves. Of course the highlight was John's session.

Will share presentations and videos as and when they are ready.


We had generous sponsors (Oracle, Microsoft, and Adobe) and enthusiastic and knowledgeable participants. And so much help from our friends and volunteers. With support from sponsors, participants & friends, we have only more peaks to scale.

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We had a wonderful DevOps workshop conducted by John Willis (of "The DevOps Handbook" fame). It was day after Serverless Summit. So many insights and takeaways. We rarely get chance to hear in detail from an expert like him. His passion is inspiring and his understanding of the subject is incredible.

He also shared a "Introduction to DevOps Resources List" - check it out - its awesome!

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Check out "Blockchain - apt data store for serverless apps" in serverless summit by Nasir (Microsoft) #inserverless

-- This presentation was made during Serverless Summit 2017 - -- In the next wave of developing serverless apps we will need a secure, au…

Check out the quiz questions related to serverless. #InServerless Serverless Summit

This is a quiz with questions on serverless.

"Creating Event Driven Serverless Applications" by Sandeep (Adobe) in Serverless Summit Serverless Summit

(This presentation was presented in Serverless Summit.) Serverless platform can be a very good fit for event driven applications. In this session, we will expl…

"Serverless Architecture Patterns" by Manoj in Serverless Summit Manoj Ganapathi Serverless Summit #cloud #patterns #serverless

-- Presented in Serverless Summit 2017 - -- The earlier sessions at this conference covered development scenarios & operations, framework…

"Democratizing Serverless—The Open Source Fn Project" Amit & Arvind from Oracle in Serverless Summit. #inserverless

Serverless computing is one of the hottest trends in software second only to containers. But most serverless function platforms suffer from vendor lock-in and …

Check out Madhusudan Shekar's excellent presentation: in serverless summit #inserverless #serverless #aws #cloud

This is a presentation from Serverless Summit. In this session you will learn about how to build your IoT solution with the various components of AWS Serverle…