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INSIDIA - Shiryo Champion Spotlight
Insidia - Teaser
Insidia - Naima Champion Spotlight


SHARE or COMMENT below to ENTER the contest 😍

We will be awarding 20 lucky winners randomly drawn from all entries. The raffle draws on Sunday 17th September 2017 🎁


Visit our Steam page --> bit.ly/2eVTOay ❤️

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Ever relentless, ever eager for war, this fearsome beast storms the battlefield consumed by an insatiable bloodlust, shaking the ground with unstoppable charges and colossal blows. #angor #insidia #championpreview


We're proud to announce that our first WEEKLY UPDATE is LIVE!

We plan to release a content patch EVERY 7 days in order to continuously ADD content and slowly progress towards our devious goal of world domination.

Curios about all the new amazing update? ...
Follow this link! --> bit.ly/2hejLX3

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Check this great INSIDIA's preview! Thanks Multiplayer.it!

Il titolo, al momento in open beta, offre spunti davvero interessanti. Torniamo a parlare di videogiochi sviluppati in italia dopo il provato di Gravel della scorsa settimana e la recensione dell'...
multiplayer.it|By Il Meglio di Multiplayer.it

Thanks Games Princess for this great article !

[Martedì indie] Vivace, colorato e strategico quanto basta. Di che si tratta? Di #Insidia, il nuovo titolo di Bad Seed Entertainment!

Il team milanese Bad Seed lancia il suo nuovo gioco Insidia in versione beta e free-to-access su Steam dal 7 settembre; ecco com'è andata con questo indie!
gamesprincess.it|By Francesca Sìrtori

Go on MMOGames and get your INSIDIA's Gift Pack before they are all gone! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

To celebrate this Early Access launch, Insidia and MMOGames have teamed up to bring you the Insidia Early Access Gift Pack Giveaway!


To celebrate this Early Access launch, Insidia and MMOGames have teamed up to bring you the Insidia Early Access Gift Pack Giveaway!

This mystic swordsman, an Ascendant Warrior from the Hidden Havens, can play spectral dirges to empower his attacks with the essence of his ancestors. Here comes Shiryo, The Spirit Blade - Assassin.

#shiryo #insidia #championpreview


To celebrate INSIDIA Open Beta launch we want to share with 10 lucky player our Starter Pack!

Each Starter Pack will contain:
30 Days XP Boost (+100%)
Gold Starter Pack - 5k Keres Crystal


The contest will last for 24hr, then we will extract the 10 winners!
We wish you good luck!

--> insidiagame.com/giveaway.php

#insidia #indiegame #giveaway #steamgiveaway

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TODAY after months of hard work, sleepless nights, blissful laughters and potentially homicidal behaviours, we’re proud to announce the Open Beta launch of INSIDIA!

We want to express our gratitude to you all. Without your support, we could never have achieved this goal. In the past couple of weeks, we received an astonishing number of subscriptions and our thin base of alpha testers is now growing into an awesome community. This was well beyond our wildest hopes. So, well, ...thank you. Really. 😍

Now it’s time to join INSIDIA Open Beta -> bit.ly/2eVTOay

See you in the wastelands! 😬

#insidia #openbeta #steam #indiedev #indiegame

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INSIDIA is a tactical game of turn based duels. Carefully move your team of powerful champions and weave their attack together to claim victory in the field of battle. Conquer your foe and claim the spoils of the post-apocalyptic world.
Insidia updated their cover photo.
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A resilient warrior that wields the power of earth itself to hinder his foes and protect his allies. Gunther: the Vagrant Seer

#gunther #insidia #championpreview


Eternal jailer of the horrors sealed within the Forbidden City of Zaicarse, Infestus can summon static defenses and clouds of noxious miasma #infestus #insidia #championpreview

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Bad Seed Entertainment

Developing games can sometimes be a very exhausting task, but when a player rewards you with such an amazing token of affection, the weariness of sleepless nigh...ts fades away, leaving in its place a warm feeling of gratitude.

So we want to say a huge THANK YOU to a devoted player who decided to enshrine the golden key he won at the #gamescom in a wonderful frame!

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Armed with a keres-tech rifle and haunted by a dark secret, this lone sniper can protect critical locations and snare her foes with energy mines.

#naima #insidia #championpreview


A childhood dream comes true: one of our games has been reviewed by The Games Machine!

#insidia #thegamesmachine #tgm #gamescom

Insidia gamescom Anteprima Provato PC | Abbiamo giocato a Colonia un interessantissimo titolo competitivo a turni, tutto italiano.

Thanks to our most loyal fans at #gamescom!!!#insidia #indiegame

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A call to arms on the eve of the executions. INSIDIA devs are just getting ready for #gamescom

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