Today we released version 2.30 in the IES. It's mainly about the FACEBOOK PRODUCT FEED, so you can start to use Dynamic Ads on Facebook to sell more products from your store.

Below is the video that shows you how to adjust categories on your store to make sure they comply with the required standard.


Also, here is the notes about all our latest releases:

If you have some questions don't hesitate to ask them via the comments below.

- Peter

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FREE+SHIPPING: What's required to convert more of the Facebook ad clicks to sales?

- The #1 conversion killer on an eCom store, especially when using FREE + Shipping business model
- What's the primary objective with the FREE + SHIPPING offer...
- Feature showcase: it takes just 1-click to avoid the #1 conversion killer
- And more.

Just watch the video and click LIKE if you enjoyed it. Also, don't hesitate to ask questions via the comment section below - we will get back ASAP!

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Increase Conversion by 15-25% on your product page - Watch video!
Instant eCom Store - Update 2.16 - High Converting Store in Se...
FREE + SHIPPING: How To Convert More Facebook Ad Clicks To Sales

📣📣We are happy to announce a new 2.18 Release!

Here are some of the wicked features it includes:

- Ability to REORDER products on the HOME PAGE of your store...
- Significantly improved FEATURED PRODUCT styles, including product tiles on home page
- Ability to ARCHIVE stores and bring them back whenever is needed
- URL Mapping to redirect traffic from old URLs to a respective product page on your IES store
- And much more.

And if you are still not part of the IES community, it's time you grab the LIFETIME license while it's still available for a one time fee. We will switch to monthly very soon!

🔗🔗Get it here >>>

📝📌P.S. We are now very much focused on bringing the new product sources into the platform - ScalablePress, CustomCat and seriously incredible PRODUCT DESIGNER!!!

Watch this space or join, so you get INSIDE look >>

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🔔🔔🔔(Read this - all of it - it's worth it!) Here is the No. 1 question we get asked all the time:

***Is there multiple themes or styles available in the IES platform?***

While from the outside it seems to be a very logical and straightforward question - one to which the answer 'YES, WE DO' would be the correct one... (and every other platform out there is doing exactly that)...

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**Product Designer ** ScalablePress ** CustomCat **
And more incredible UPGRADES & INTEGRATIONS are coming in the IES platform within next few weeks!

If you don't have the LIFETIME license yet, grab it before the $27/per store deal expires.


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We will switch to monthly subscription very soon, so don't miss out - it's your opportunity to pay just once and enjoy all the UPGRADES & IMPROVEMENTS for LIFE.

Claim your license here >>

You can have a high converting store in seconds! Click the link and watch the video to learn how it works!

P.S. If you know someone who might benefit from this, tag him in the comments right now! It's a limited time offer to get this new system for LIFE!

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LIVE IES Office Hour Training at 2PM today. Epic strategies you won't find anywhere else and it's FREE 🤘

Register here >>>


P.S. Don't forget to hit the ❤️ button See you later!

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Do you want to increase CONVERSIONS by 15-25% on your eCom product page?

Discover three conversion boosters that take seconds to enable yet they contribute to a massive increase in conversions.

Just watch the short video below and activate these CONVERSION BOOSTERS on your pages right now!


And if you are not part of the IES family yet, make sure to check out the limited time LIFETIME special... you can start selling in minutes!

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Instant eCom Store is feeling pumped.


I am thrilled, because this Thursday, on 20th of July, I am going to do the FIRST EVER Instant eCom Store Office Hour training webinar.

You can register here >>>...

During this training, I am going to show you the possibilities with IES that you didn't know exists.

You see, what I have found through interactions with many customers is that for the most part they are stunned by the simplicity of the IES.

For years they have been trained to do complicated things that have nothing to do with making sales or building a business, so when they see so little configurations, they freak out and think IES is not powerful enough.

But that's far from the truth.

IES is designed with simplicity in mind, while still giving you the tools that allow you to turn $10 to $50 and $100 to $500 with a few clicks.

Therefore, make sure you register for this LIVE training - it will be 90-120 minutes interactive session with strategies and action steps you won't find anywhere else.

Claim your seat here >>>

Can't wait to chat with you LIVE,

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Instant eCom Store is feeling inspired.


As of right now Instant eCom Store is being used by small business owners, online marketers and entrepreneurs in 764 cities from around the world. 🌐

We are grateful to each and every one of them!!!


If you are not part of the IES family yet, it's time to join - we want to help you to build a lucrative online business FAST - and by fast we mean minutes and days!

Learn more about IES here:

P.S. If you know someone who might benefit from the IES, please tag them in the comments below! Thank you! 📣

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🎉 Are you ready? Instant eCom Store UPDATE 2.16 is out! 🎉

Almost every two weeks we bring out a new update with incredible features that help our customers to generate more revenue with their stores. This update is no exception.

Just watch this short video to see inside! 🎞


If you are not part of the Instant eCom Store family yet, you can join us here:

Finally, if you have questions about the Instant eCom Store - how it works and what it can do for you, just click the 'Send Message' button and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Instant eCom Store - Update 2.16 - High Converting Store in Se...

🎯🎯4x ROI, 10x ROI, which one you would take?

Watch my short video on YouTube to learn how to turn $100 to more than $1000 in just a few days

And why understanding the ROI and where it comes from is crucial to your marketing success.


Watch the video below and start now >>>

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If you want to make money with your Facebook ad marketing campaigns, it's vital to understand the ROI - what and how exactly is making you money. In this sho...

It's awesome! People from 549 cities around the world are using Instant eCom Store to power their eCommerce businesses. Do you recognize your city on the map?

Like & share!

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It all starts with the FIRST SALE. Do you agree?

Share what you think via comments below!

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Peter Garety is thinking about making a change.

Did you get your first sale ONLINE already? What would be your answer to the question like that?

Share your answer via COMMENT below!

From my experience, I know... that there is a MAGIC happening between your ears when you get your first sale. Make it happen. Start now!

The screenshot below is from my last Q & A call with my customers.

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