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InterfaithFamily Makes an Impact
Preparing your interfaith family for Jewish summer camp
Let's talk about Tashlich

How do you define and present yourself to the world?

See Me for Who I Am Posted on April 12, 2016 | by Stephanie Zulkoski I am a lot of things in this diverse world. I am a female, a daughter, granddaughter, sister, fiancé, niece, friend, Catholic, dietitian, animal lover, coffee and chocolate enthusiast… in no particular order. While I identify as...

"Yes, I could pass in Trump’s America. I don’t fault anyone who does. But I don’t want to pass, not anymore." We heart this story from Alma.

They always say it kindly, politely. “Oh, you’re Jewish?” “I didn’t realize you were Jewish.” “Really? You don’t look Jewish.” They never mean to, but each time they say it, I feel the weight of my red hair, the width of each freckle on my pale skin. I have to defend my DNA, upendi...

Chocolate-filled and gluten-free for Purim.

Hamentaschen or “Haman’s Pockets” are the traditional dessert of Ashkenazi Jews on the holiday of Purim. Originally containing poppy seed filling in med

Can we be good people–together?

Kurt Vonnegut wrote in God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater: "Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and c

So what is hamentaschen—from a kid's perspective.

Especially for children and families, a video about Purim and yummy hamantaschen cookies!

Kristin of Nourish gives you all the pro tips to make the perfect hamantaschen for Purim plus this inventive recipe that uses black sesame and strawberry.

Pro tips for making the perfect hamantaschen for Purim along with a unique recipe using black sesame

Check out this fun video about Purim from our friends at BimBam!

From the parties to the reading of the Megillah to the piles and piles of Hamentashen, Purim is easily the most fun holiday in the Jewish calendar. This vide...

Karl & Sherrita both grew up as Christians, but they had a Jewish wedding. Hear their story.

By Karl Gierach My fiancé and I did not grow up in different religious traditions. Sherrita was raised in Detroit as a Christian, attending Episcopalian, B

Are you looking for an interfaith friendly synagogue? Here are some things to consider.

By Jordyn Rozensky When I asked my partner who is not Jewish if we could start visiting synagogues in hopes of finding a formal Jewish home for our worship a

A few similarities, lots of differences - so how do you make it work?

A white Jewish woman discusses the ways that she and her African-American Christian husband have negotiated differences to form a close family.

Take the flavors of a classic Jewish comfort food and transform it with a cheesy sauce to make this baked gnocchi dish. It will become your new favorite!

Comfort food comes in many different shapes and forms. Each culture, each tradition, each household, each individual has a dish that is comforting to them. Co

For Valentine's Day this year: a little Led Zeppelin, a story of Joseph and a lot of love for yourself, too.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m sitting in my car at 8 a.m. listening to a Jack Kornfield meditation talk called “Inner Strength and Kindness.” Did I m

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We hope you #ChooseLove in all the ways your heart desires. We're all in this together. Read stories from our couples here:

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Love Matters

You'll steal the hearts of adults and kids alike with this super-easy treat!

Barking Up the Valentine’s Day Tree Posted on January 26, 2016 | by admin By Mari Levine I’ve run the gamut of Valentine’s Day experiences. And while I’m rather indifferent to the general idea of the holiday, no celebration I’ve had as an adult has ever matched the ones from when I was a k...

Yummmmmm.... these dessert nachos will definitely show how sweet your love is.

Valentine's day is fast approaching, but we believe in celebrating big love, little love, silly love, happy love, sad love and family love any day of the week.