Check out the stunning (and frankly immense) new video from ex-interlock bassist Syan's band TRIBAZIK.

We're proud to present our new music video. Directed by Filmmaker Luis Solarat, ‘Absence of Proof’ was shot at a derelict abbey on the Kent coast and will be th...e last release from the Data Warfare album.
Download of the video plus tracks 'Absence of Proof' & 'Sonar Sumeria' are available at…/absence-of-proof-sonar-sume…
We're now working on new material for the 3rd album and will keep you posted with news…
Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years - whether it be buying our albums & merch, coming to our gigs, crewing for us, inviting us to play, designing our artwork or being a creative inspiration on our shoots etc 😀

— Products shown: Data Warfare.

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Directed & Edited by Luis Solarat Produced by Inferno Mortal Ltd & TRIBAZIK Featuring Ildikó Kerek - 'Fire/Sun Goddess' & backing vocals Additional backing v...
interlock - RIP (official) added 17 new photos to the album: interlock - first (unused) 'straight' promo video — with Leeja Morgan.

behind the scenes footage from a promo video shot for 'straight' which was later revised and made into a performance promo.


"Ladies & gentlemen, check out the issue #26 of Stencil Mag (out today!) featuring an advert by Eulogy Media which offers a free giveaway... get reading!"

Features interviews with the following: Rise Against, Four Year Strong, The Word Alive, In Flames, Lower Than Atlantis, Twin Atlantic, Deaf Havana, Finch, Pennywise, Anberlin, Beartooth, Wovenwar, Texas In July, Me Vs Hero, To The Wind, Candy Hearts, Flood of Red, Lonely The Brave!

a sad day: interlock - RIP (official)'s home for many years up until its eventual demise in august 2008 has officially 'put out the light' today (see the video in the photo's description). perversely, to make way for a neighbouring carpet shop's basement extension.

the facility recorded the likes of elton john, freddie mercury, barry white and... well, interlock.

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talanas is with Eulogy Media and 8 others.

farewell to our home - RIP berry street studio (1970 - 2014). our rehearsal space, meeting hub, merch HQ, recording mainstay, creative cave and emotional hideaw...ay since talanas began on september 5th 2008.

talanas very much remain a unit and last night managed to move into a new home (to be revealed next week), taking various artifacts with them from berry street itself, set to carry on with the creation of our 'asylum' digipak and eventually our next album, 'daylight'. until then, we raise a glass of the strong stuff (with kevin porée, one of the world's better studio managers) to the most prestigious and well equipped studios that central london had to offer:

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"We're absolutely stunned to hear of this great man's passing. Steve Pipe was an exceptional figure for the scene and was responsible for putting on some of the best gigs & events that venues such as Club 85 have ever seen, he was a fiercely committed promoter and a staunch advocate of upcoming talent (as well as a true trailblazer when it came to having a good time).

Our frontman Hal & drummer Joe were closely associated with Steve 'Bloodline' (as we knew him) when in inter...lock - RIP, beyond that he attended various social events & house parties as a friend. His support for talanas was greatly savoured - it takes people like Steve to bolster a musical community and foster new talent.

It's come as a great shock to hear of Steve's death and he will be sorely missed. His daughters, Mary & Becky, are coordinating his funeral on February 19th at 11.30 at Enfield Crematorium.

Rest in peace, chap.


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Becky Pipe

On Wednesday 19th of February at 11.30 at Enfield crematorium we will be saying good bye to Steve Pipe. Everybody is welcome to say their last goodbyes, we ask ...that you wear a band tshirt.
We would prefer that no flowers are given, instead donations are made to a charity of your choice.
The wake will be at 1pm at The Maltsters 177 windmill lane, EN8 9AW
Look forward to sharing our goodbyes with you all x

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check out the billing on this one: 2005's TMF festival (what later became Offset Festîval London which interlock played their last ever show at, playing higher on the bill than a very young TesseracT, believe it or not!) also featuring needleye, SiZE, TED MAUL and a load of others.

this gig was actually filmed by long time interlock photographer Kristina Vassilieva, although much of the footage was corrupted in transit. it marked one of the earliest performances by christina and was also the occasion were hal managed to jump off stage into the crowd only to find he had to run round to another stage to access the artist area again. cue a VERY confused nearby indie / alt rock band suffering a stage invasion from a black lensed cyber goth!

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the truth can hurt sometimes...

Awww, man, this is mean but hysterically spot on! Dear lord, kudos to funny person Freddy Scott for making this gem which manages to cram just about every Reznor trope into one ditty in under three minutes. Via Boing Boing

Check out the Christmas 2013 newsletter from Eulogy Media, featuring news on remaining interlock stock & merchandise.

It's Halloween! RANNOCH & TALANAS album news + more #vr4smallbiz

so, who's coming to The Willow Festival this friday to see Talanas perform on the main arena stage at 9pm? if you do, you'll witness the first time that their drummer joe & singer hal will have been on-stage with guest singer christina gajny since Offset Festival 2008; the final performance of interlock - RIP (official).

...except this won't feature quite as much spandex. or rubber. or mostly anything cyber, really. there might be sideburns, but they'll also be accompanied by a finely coiffured moustache and at least a dash of cucumber sandwiches (with the crumbs removed, not to mention crusts).

The final ever live performance of the song Straight, by one of my all-time favourite metal bands, Interlock, at their farewell show at the Offset Festival, ...

whilst playing The Railhead Saloon in oklahoma on the 'transatlantic tour 2007', both co-headliners interlock and Inswarm finished the evening by amassing onstage to create INTERSWARMSIS - a 20 minute long dirge 'n chunk jam-marathon which found some unexpected switching of instruments, roles and bodily fluids.

never before has there been so much feedback onstage, so little jager left at the bar or so many ringing in the ears of the [thankfully appreciative] crowd. the house party that closed the night off, courtesy of some truly hospitable local fans, resulted in joe's severely sunburnt arms being slapped repeatedly and hal drunkenly sleepwalking into a child's wardrobe, apparently believing it to be a doorway to a hidden land (or possibly a bathroom, who knows?).

Interlock and Inswarm dirge odyssey @ The Railhead, OK, USA, 28/04/07,
interlock cesspoolcastle apr07'

it's Record Store Day! a chance for people to take a moment to appreciate the finer, more independent things that are available within the musical community and support homegrown talent.

we'd bloody LOVE it if we had our own retail premises, but for now we'll just provide this overview of what's currently available from Eulogy Media arists...


Talanas (progressive death metal)
- 'reason & abstract' (2010) £5
- the waspkeeper (2011) £10
- corpseflower 2012 - 7" vinyl (2013)

Dãm (avant-garde death metal)
- 'Purity: The Darwinian Paradox' (2005)
- 'The Difference Engine' (2007)

Beth Ryan (dark electro / acoustic)
- [guest vocals] Voices 'From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain'…


similarly, you might also want to check out:

Jordan Reyne (dark folk / industrial)

Spires - Official (progressive death metal)

Agonyst (just... total insanity)

Rannoch (progressive death metal)

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Record Store Day came into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA came together to celebrate their unique culture. The UK followed suit and 2013 will see the sixth celebration of the UK's unique independent sector. This is the one day that all of the independently owned record sto...


Mart Anthony [guitars 2007/8] will be performing with his new band, Wolfshead, at the macbeth, 70 hoxton street, london N1 6LP.

it's free entry and a great chance to check out their crushing brand of sludged-out doom. check the event page for links to their material.

Thu 8:00 PM UTCThe Macbeth Of HoxtonLondon, United Kingdom
124 people went
video for the track 'straight', originally from the 2005 debut album 'crisis//reinvention', re-recorded to feature a new mix and the vocals of christina gajn...

an EXTREMELY early flyer for a interlock show at the red eye, islington (the infamous starting ground for many name acts within UK metal - Akercocke, The Rotted and even Lostprophets).

thank you, Nicol Collins, for this blast from the past!

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and then of course the "what happened next" part...