Today in 1963, push-button telephones were introduced into service for the first time. I don't remember my family having one until the early '80s. When did your family adapt to this new technology?

The push button telephone’s debut By Carl Stieren Bell Telephone introduced the first commercial push-button telephone on November 18, 1963. It w...

I love a good potato recipe! What's your favorite way to eat a potato?

Baked, smashed, roasted, or fried -- it's hard to go wrong with potatoes. Plus, with a rainbow of rich toppings like bacon, cheese, veggies, and mo...
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Some fun ways to dress up your Halloween cupcakes via Better Homes and

Whip up a cupcake creation that's sure to dazzle your Halloween party guests by decorating store-bought or homemade cupcakes. Our Halloween cupcake decorating ideas—including monsters, black cats, witches, and ghosts—are all magic to make and decorate!

Worth a try!

No woman enjoys that time of the month and all the bloating, lower back pain, nausea, and cramps that come with it. Plain and simple, periods suck. So if y

As I clean the house from top to bottom preparing for the 4th of July, I found this brilliant article from HGTV, Holiday Party Clean-Up Hacks. I wish I had seen the bread trick yesterday!

Clean up holiday party messes in a flash with these clever tricks.