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Be Intrepid

A magical (and delicate) part of our world.

No matter where you travel, there are concerns about how tourism can impact the destination. This concern is perhaps most apparent in the Galapagos Islands. Here are a few ways Intrepid Travel maximises the benefits and minimises the negative impact travel can have when we visit the Galapagos Island...
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Vicente Gannam
· April 7, 2018
I went on the Cycle Kerala and Goa tour in February. I have biked in several countries, with many different companies. I bike regularly 20km daily year round, in rain, snow, ice, heat wave, everything.... Offering this tour is completely irresponsible. Most of the cycling is on busy highways with no shoulders. You ride with live traffic, in India, where traffic is absolute chaos. If you value your life, do not go on this tour. You have no idea what you'll be getting into. Accommodations were all in bad locations, away from everything. The guide would say, there isn't anything else, but we would see other much better places and in better locations. I have pictures of one of the locations, a shack, with a dead tree growing through the washroom, covered with tarp stapled to the wall. And no windows in the room. One place had cockroaches on the breakfast counter. The itinerary rarely includes anything scenic. You just ride through busy highways, hoping you will survive, with nothing beautiful to see. Guide did not have good communication skills, for example, would say we'll have lunch in an hour, then stop 10 minutes later for lunch; at times riding over 100m ahead of the group, at time race group members, go through red lights. One of us got hurt, needed a bigger band aid, we asked for one, he said the one she had was the biggest in india. Then next day we found a bigger one at a drugstore. I could go on and on. Please think twice before going on this tour. See More
Andrew John Hughes
· January 7, 2018
Had a lovely 24 day trip to the Galapagos island, Ecuador,Peru and Bolivia booked nov-dec '17.
The Galapagos and Ecuador was amazing and the guides were fantastic, however this is where we spent the ...least of our time .
However , I spent an extra $1200 to have a single supplement and was let down . I knew a few nights I had no choice to share a room as stated on the itinerary, but also due to lack of rooms on the Galapagos I had to share an apartment for two nights . Sadly also at least half the time I was stuck sleeping in a single bed which I struggled with .
Our tour guide in Ecuador and on the islands was amazing.
However our rep in Peru was far to pushy in regard to tipping .
I have no issue tipping local guides, porters and staff when they go above and beyond, but I felt like having to tip every private transfer driver, hotel staff and boat driver was a little excessive . I felt really pressured by the intrepid guide to tip these people in Peru when they only provided nothing more then the service they are paid for. This blew my daily budget out massively .
The amazon jungle was also a flop thanks the the intrepid rep dismissing my concerns .
We had been told by the local guides to be very quiet and not to talk on the walks through the jungle in order not to scare the wildlife , however we had two noisy couples who payed no attention to this and wrecked it for everyone .
I brought it to the attention of our intrepid rep and asked if he could mention to them to be quiet in consideration to the people actually wanting to be in the jungle . Sadly he shrugged it off in the "well nothing I can do about it " kind of way , so alas we did not sight the wild life we should have . This was meant to be one of the highlights of my trip !
So basically I forked out an extra $1200 when I should have just not paid and shared a room since I was only in a single bed any how and also didn't get a private room another two nights.
My daily budget went way out the window thanks to an overly abrupt pushy guide who than didn't even try to address an issue regarding other travellers spoiling it for others.
Not really the services I was expecting for $8-9$k 24 day tour .
I had planned on booking my mt Everest base camp trip in April and my northern African trip in November with intrepid, but I think I would now look at other companies .
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Sonia Edney
· April 13, 2018
I have done 3 trips with intrepid to date. My first one was back in 2010 in Thailand. the second and third were Oct/Nov 2017 in Cambodia and Vietnam. I have always found the guides full of knowledg...e specifically in things i never would have thought to look up. The knew great places to eat and really enjoy the foods of their countries, and they filled my head with their cultures. Both times I ended up having my birthday while on tour and the day was made to feel very special. The guides advised us on how to stay safe and on one occasion one of us were almost pick pocketed, if it had not been for the great advice from our guide. My Thailand trip is where I fell in love with South East Asia and will be planning many more trips through Intrepid. I can't remember my guides name in Thailand, but for the last 2, I would like to say a big thank you and keep up the good work to Chanmol and Ha. See More
Con Kaz
· March 31, 2018
We have just returned from our Intrepid Golden triangle tour in India. The tour itself is well planned with a good Itinerary, adequate accommodation and good guides at the sites. Tour bus had no suspe...nsion so we felt every bump.
Our biggest issue was with the training of the “leader” who lead us from place to place. We thought we would have a guide with us the whole time but that’s not how it works in India. Our “leader”was a nice guy who recognised birthdays and took care of unwell group members but he mostly sat quietly on the bus without offering any information on the surroundings, culture, events etc.
The scariest thing about the trip was the morning Metro ride. Our “leader” failed to advise us of the dangers, nor did he give us any safer options. He did not advise the women on the group that there was a women only carriage. The train was so tightly packed that we had to physically force our way on to the train and then at the end stop, we were physically pushed out of the train to the point of almost tripping. Two of the women in our group were subjected to sexually assaults as a result of entering the mixed carriages. We have never felt so unsafe in all our years of travel.
We would not recommend this tour to our friends.
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Ruth Guy
· March 23, 2018
Just finished the Best of Morocco trip with the brilliant Khaled as our guide. He looked after us all so well and shared so much information and knowledge about his country. We got a really deep insi...ght into Morocco and it's culture... with loads of fun thrown in! I was lucky enough to join a great group of people for the tour ... one of the best experiences ever. Our driver Abdul was also brilliant. I cannot recommend Intrepid highly enough.Thank you Khaled! See More
Merv Bates
· April 4, 2018
I just returned from an awesome experience - travelled solo on the Intrepid Golden Triangle. What an experience. Had an amazing guide Anthika, who ensured we were safe and well looked after. Our drive...r/mate all good and the bus was very comfy for the long drives. We were a mixed group of male and females and solo travellers and a couple. We all looked out for each other and built friendships along the lines. Go with an open mind and enjoy the experience. Be aware that India has a different culture to our / your own, read up before you go and it will be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I loved it :) See More
Erika GT
· February 16, 2018
Just amazing! We were fortunate enough to have just spent a week with Mike, Marie, Lwin, and Aju on the Simile sailing around the Mergui Archipelago, and what a wonderful week it was. The food was spe...ctacular (Marie kicks ass in the kitchen), the staff are a ton of fun and knowledgable, and kayaking with the dolphins will be a highlight we will not forget. Thank you intrepid for providing us with staff who made a great trip into a spectacular one! See More
Ron Morgan
· February 6, 2018
I took the Thailand-Laos trip and was very pleased with the tour, the guide, the accommodations and the total experience. My one complaint is that we made the mistake of letting Intrepid book "extras"... for us at the beginning and the end of our trip. They charged my friend and I double what the room would have cost and probably 10 times the going rate for the ride from the airport to the hotel. Book your own "extras". See More
Beth Cunningham
· April 4, 2018
In the middle of my Cambodian Adventure right now! I can't say enough about the company, the tour, and especially our leader, Ammom (sp?). She is amazing and adds so much to the experience. I've learn...ed so much about Cambodia, and it's people & culture. If you're looking for a really authentic, immersive experience, this is the way to go! See More
Karen Paurus
· March 20, 2018
We took the culinary tour of India and it was FANTASTIC! Mainly because of our amazing guide, Mahi. He was so energetic, fun, intelligent and kind. We were confident eating ANYWHERE with him. A favor...ite place was in an alley with a few tables that without him we would have walked by. It’s the first time I’d had banana chutney. We had a small group of 7 and we bonded over those weeks in restaurants, temples, our comfortable traveling van, palaces and roadside stops. Thank you Mahi for such a memorable experience! See More
Zoe McCartney
· January 18, 2018
just got home from the 9 day trip around Bali and I can honestly say we had the time of our lives. every hotel we stayed in was stunning and it was a great way to see what Bali had to offer. We made s...ome great friends with the help of our amazing tour guide Deni and couldn't thank him enough. See More
Axel Goedecke
· January 1, 2018
During our Safari a female guest was stalked/harnessed by a male guest. The same guest also had confrontations with some other guests.

The whole situation was misinterpreted and handled very poor b...y Intrepid. They have no standards and they did even let victim and perpetrator on the same bus!

The emergency hotline reacted very poor and made a lot of promises - all of these were then cancelled.

The trip was great but the happenings caused sleepless nights for a lot of us. A nice holiday came quickly to an end as his happened!!!
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Tracy Tyler
· December 24, 2017
We’ve just returned from the Vietnam Express Southbound. This was our 1st trip with Intrepid, and coincidentally, our honeymoon. We had the most incredible trip, our tour guide Neung was absolutely br...illiant. She took great care to ensure that everyone was well looked after, she was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely kind. We really didn’t want to come home and wish that we had continued our trip through Cambodia to Thailand! Many reasons to come back! Thank you to Neung and Intrepid for helping us to create some wonderful memories. See More
Michelle Size
· March 24, 2018
First time on any tour like this and I really enjoyed it. I did the Southern Morocco tour and would recommend it. It's well organised and so much is packed it. One day we're trekking in snowy mountain...s and two days later we're in the Sahara climbing dunes to watch the sun set. See More
Nigel Graham
· March 12, 2018
Just coming to the end of a tour of Vietnam & Cambodia (overnight stay in Bangkok). Had a great trip but a suggestion? Rather than offering the free bags we were all given ‘say no to plastic’ would a water bottle not be more environmentally friendly? You kindly provide drinking water on the coaches & in the hotels so this would seem perfect! See More
Mel Smith
· February 25, 2018
I have been on a number of intrepid tours in different parts of the world and generally find them to be a positive experience. The lack of customer service in the booking phase of things is a problem.... So is their deleting of Facebook posts or social media queries about why they advertise discounts at travel expos without blackout dates, then apply the dates when you try to book. Disappointing service. See More
Ivi WH
· October 17, 2017
I went with Intrepid for the first time in May this year from Berlin to Venice and I had a ball!! This trip taught me to try new activities, to be free, to explore, to be self-sufficient and much more.... I got to see historical sites, ate lots of good food, learnt local culture whilst sharing this experience with an awesome group and tour leader. Looking forward to many more travels with Intrepid and hopefully sometime very soon!! See More
Mark Silver
· December 9, 2017
We recently completed a private Intrepid tour of Thailand and Cambodia with our family of 6. This memorable trip far exceeded our expectations. From the moment we started to plan the trip with our I...ntrepid representative to the very end of the trip, it went flawlessly. Every transfer and every tour went off without a hitch. We had an incredible diverse itinerary. From ocean front resorts to jungle treks. Their local guides can only be described as amazing. We had 3 in total. Every single one was polite, spoke beautiful English and had a vast knowledge of the particular places we were traveling. We really can't say enough good and plan on using Intrepid for our next journey. Thanks so much See More
Eun Yeop Lee
· April 2, 2018
Actual trips have been fine but communication with company is delayed. Response to emails take several days, if they evrn bother to return emails, which can be stressful and frustrating when trying to... book or learn more about the trips. Only timely communication is for payment. Makes one hesitant to book future trips. See More
La'Zaurah Zee
· January 18, 2018
I had a fantastic overland trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam which I took on 23rd December, 2017. The whole trip was well organised, ran very smoothly and was a heck of a lot of fun, with... more crammed in than what I saw in the itinery.
I highly recommend Intrepid and I'm planning another trip with them, overland from Ho Chi Minh City to Thailand, via Cambodia next December. It was the most amazing trip of my life! I cannot speak highly enough of our guide Thoa Tranh. He made it a special trip.
There is only one small gripe! The Aston Hotel we were booked into in Ho Chi Minh City was far from ideal due to the fact it was situated but one business door away from a VERY noisy bar, which meant I had to wear earplugs all night long in order to get any sleep. This bar music would start sometimes as early as 8am and intermittently last till 5am the next morning. A quieter hotel would suit those over the age of 28!
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