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October 27, 2016

45up: Growing Older, Feeling Younger

See how people ages 45up in France, Italy and the UK are using tech to stay physically, mentally and socially active.


    Age is a state of mind.

    It is also a state of body. Rapid advances in healthcare and technology mean that these days we are not only living longer lives, we are living better lives.

    Indeed, it is an Age of Empowerment, especially for Europeans ages 45+.

    Streaming Inspires Millennials Conversation

    Streaming inspires conversation among Millennials

    With the help of commissioned experts at Sparkler, Facebook IQ embarked on a multi-phased research study of 2,554 people ages 45–70 (“45up”) in France, Italy and the UK.

    We learned that people in later life are taking a proactive and holistic approach to their health and happiness. And they are recognizing the need to balance their emotional wellbeing with keeping their mind sharp and body active. In this third post in the 45up series, we explore how this group is using technology to remain physically, mentally and socially active.

    Facebook IQ Source: "The Age of Empowerment" by Sparkler (Facebook-commissioned study of 2,554 people ages 45-70 in France, Italy,and the United Kingdom),March-April 2016. Data is on average across the three markets.

    Physically fit: (Pro)Active aging

    Physically fit: (Pro)Active aging

    These days, wearable tech and health-related apps are increasingly becoming a part of 45up ‘s lives, giving them the ability to manage their own health and fitness. With a large majority (79%) saying they eat well and exercise regularly, it is no wonder they report feeling healthy (67%).

    45up are also comfortable in their own skin—60% feel confident about their appearance and over half make an effort to look their best every day. This group is not over the hill. In fact, they are on top of the hill—after running up it!

    “About half of my week is spent training, both at home and in the gym. I ski in the winter and climb mountains in teh summer.”

    Mario, 61


    Mentally agile: Free the mind, the rest will follow

    Mentally agile: Free the mind, the rest will follow

    45up also need time for relaxation: 1 in 10 practice mindfulness or meditation, giving them some breathing space from their active lifestyle and social calendar. Thanks to these moments of recharge, 45up are able to take on the world again—seeking new challenges to keep mentally fit.

    Technology is making it easier than ever to keep minds stimulated and sharp and has become a way for 45up to flex their creative muscles—more than half (53%) agree that they like to use technology in different and creative ways. Making up 26% of people on Facebook yet producing 36% of the overall content,145up are wholeheartedly embracing new ways to remain active.

    “I can do anything I set myself the target to do. There aren't any limitations. The only limitation is in your head.”

    Carol, 59


    Socially connected: Adding life to years

    Socially connected: Adding life to years

    With more freedom—69% agree they have the time to spend on relationships with friends and family—there are plenty of opportunities for 45up to have fun doing the things they love. In fact, 45up are 1.2x more likely than their younger counterparts to 2

    Maintaining relationships (and building new ones) are absolutely vital for this group, and technology is helping them do just that. 56% agree that technology has helped connect them with new friends or social groups.

    Facebook analysis reveals that for 45up across the three markets, women are particularly engaged online—they are 2.10x more likely than men to comment on posts and 1.30x more likely to post status updates. 3

    Overall, online is helping people in later life cultivate relationships of all kinds. Among single 45up looking to get back in the dating game, 1 in 4 agree that technology has made dating easier or more fun.

    What it Means for Marketers

    What it Means for Marketers

    • Join 45up on the Healthy Grail

      45up are on a quest for new, meaningful experiences that meet their need to be physically, mentally and socially active. Brands can complement 45up ’s active lifestyle by offering tailored and relevant lifestyle tips alongside inspirational creative to spur 45up into action.

    • Celebrate The Journey

      Today’s 45up prove that health-focused technology, like apps and wearables, is a multigenerational trend. How can your brand celebrate and reward 45up‘s milestones and achievements on their journey to health?

    • Empower Healthy Lifestyles

      Midlife is a turning point to be more proactive about health, but having an interest in physical fitness, mental agility and social connections doesn’t have to start then. Consider ways your brand can connect with 45up and their younger counterparts to empower people in all stages of life to take charge of their wellness..

    Source unless otherwise specified:“The Age of Empowerment” by Sparkler (Facebook-commissioned study of 452 people ages 18-34, 464 people ages 35-44 and 2,554 people ages 45-70 with a HHI of £25,000 in UK and €30,000 in FR and IT and ethnographies of nine people ages 45-70 [three in FR, two in IT and four in UK]), Mar-Apr 2016. Unless otherwise noted, data is on average across the three markets.

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