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May 30, 2014

The Biggest Stadium in the World

How to reach global soccer fans in the place where they all gather for the big games.

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This summer, all eyes will be on Brazil for one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Of the 1.2 billion people who are on Facebook, some 500 million are soccer fans. And, in the US alone, there are 48.9 million fans.1

While the US may be better known for its fondness for another kind of football, it actually has the second-highest number of soccer fans on Facebook after Brazil. The best way to reach these fans is to be where they are during the game — on Facebook — the biggest stadium in the world.

Young and active

The majority of US soccer fans are young: 35% of them are between 18-24, and 25% are between 25-34. US women are almost as interested in the sport as men: 51% of fans are male, and 49% are female. US soccer fans tend to be highly connected and on the move: 62% of them were on Facebook every day of a recent week.

They are also highly active on Facebook: Compared to the average person on Facebook in the US, soccer fans post 1.7x more photos, send 1.9x more messages, post 1.8x more updates, upload 1.7x more videos and make 1.7x more comments.

The majority of US soccer fans are young

35%of fans are aged 18-24

25%of fans are aged 25-34

There are 48.9 million soccer fans on Facebook in the US

62% were on Facebook every day of a recent week

16.8Mactions made of Facebook during a soccer match in March

89%were made on mobile phones

Compared to the average person on Facebook, they post:

1.7xmore photos

1.8xmore updates

1.7xmore comments

1.9xmore messages

Match time

Match time

During a soccer match this March, US soccer fans were particularly active on Facebook, with 16.8 million actions made related to the game, including posts, likes, comments and shares. Most of these actions happened during the pulse-racing moments at the beginning of the game and whenever either team scored a goal. The large majority of these actions, some 89%, were made on mobile phones.

In the stadium

In the stadium

Here are some suggestions how marketers can be successful on Facebook during the world football matches and beyond:

  • Reach people who are most likely to be engaged with the event — football fans or fans of specific teams
  • You can also target more specific groups, including the 10 million soccer fans in the US who have Hispanic affinity, and the 4 million soccer fans in neighboring Canada
  • People who watch the game need food and supplies to make the most of the experience. Target them with special offers before kick-off using Partner Categories to identify and reach the right people based on their activity off Facebook, including purchase history, intent and demographics.
  • As you develop your creative, you can use sight, sound and motion with Facebook’s Page post video ad to bring your message to life

How other countries filled the biggest stadium in the world:

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