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November 18, 2015

Traveling the Digital Road to China

Explore how to connect with people from 6 countries as they dream about, plan for and share their journeys to China.

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    Whether they seek the Temple of Heaven or the Terracotta Warriors, travelers to China generally share 2 things: a craving for cultural adventure and a tendency towards making digitally informed decisions.

    To better understand how travelers journey to the world’s 4th most popular destination1, Facebook commissioned a study from global research experts Ipsos. We interviewed people on Facebook ages 18+ across Australia, France, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US who had visited China in the past year or planned to visit in the coming year.

    We found that opportunities to connect with global travelers abound as they plan their journeys to the East. Check out the infographic below to explore key findings:

    What it Means for Marketers

    What it Means for Marketers

    • Provide visual inspiration:

      Visuals are a driving force throughout travelers’ trips to China. Whether you want to spark dreams, guide research or rekindle memories, bring the journey to life in a vibrant, visual way. Leverage your ever-expanding toolkit of photos and videos to make an impression.

    • Personalize the journey:

      What travelers hope to see, how they plan to travel and how long it takes them to plan all vary by country. Intrigue travelers with targeted messages tailored to their diverse needs. And as they advance along their digital journeys, evolve your creative to inspire dreams, incite action or remind travelers to return with friends.

    • Make mobile connections:

      Travelers to China have higher-than-average levels of smartphone ownership—and the majority own a tablet, too. Use mobile to maintain a constant connection to the travelers who matter most, no matter how long or short their planning period.

    Source: “China Inbound Travelers” by Ipsos (Facebook-commissioned study of people ages 18+ who use Facebook and who have visited China in the past year or who plan to visit China in the next year from AU, FR, JP, KR, UK and US), Apr 2015. Sample profile reflective of country-level Internet population.

    People InsightsMedia BehaviorTravelAsia Pacific

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