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March 28, 2017

Why Creativity Matters More in the Age of Mobile

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    Mobile has not only ushered in a new era of consumption for people, it’s given marketers a new canvas to tell stories. So why, then, are marketers building for mobile under the constraints of briefs and media plans built for other mediums, like TV and print? How can we as an industry break conventional norms and redefine storytelling and campaign planning now that the thumb is in charge?

    Why creativity matters

    Why creativity matters

    We’re beginning to dig into these questions. The Marketing Science and Creative Shop teams at Facebook partnered to examine over two years of internal and commissioned research to better understand how behavioral shifts are impacting marketing and creative strategies. Through our examination of over 2,000 ads on Facebook and Instagram and various studies of how people engage with mobile and feed-based environments, we are building a foundational understanding of Why Creativity Matters More in the Age of Mobile.

    The results of our report aren’t meant to give new “rules” for mobile marketing. There is no guaranteed formula for creative success on mobile, just as there is no guaranteed formula for a blockbuster movie, best-selling book or hit TV show. But if you’re looking to know more about this new context for creativity, you’ve come to the right place.

    What Creativity Matters short infographicWhat Creativity Matters short infographic

    As people move across mobile spaces, powerful ideas and excellence in craft are critical to capturing attention and connecting brands and people to create real value.

    Andrew Keller

    Global Creative Director, Facebook

    What it means for marketers

    What it means for marketers

    The opportunity is literally at our fingertips. And it’s time for marketers, strategists and creatives alike to connect with people, get inspired and play more with their creative as we take on the mobile frontier together.

    • Connect with people where they are

      Mobile consumption is not TV consumption, and connecting with people where they are is key to capturing attention. Mobile consumption is also non-linear and happens fast—people can recall mobile News Feed content at a statistically significant rate after only 0.25 seconds of looking at a post.1

    • Get inspired

      Reimagine storytelling. Use data as your muse to build sharper briefs and allow creativity to flow. Mobile also allows for versatility in creative forms. Mix and match your assets and throw standards and preconceived notions out the window.

    • Play more

      The journey we’re on is a marathon, not a sprint. As we have this opportunity to invent the future, we also have to manage our present. By playing with new ad formats and creative types, testing new approaches and, most importantly, putting mobile at the center of our strategies, we can find new and better ways to inspire people to stop, look, feel, share, do and buy.

    Advertising InsightsCreative Effectiveness

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