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Understand consumer behavior across generations, geographies, devices and time.

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People Insights: Understand consumer behavior across generations, geographies, devices and time.

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From Browsing to Buying

What's the difference between a shopper who takes 20 days to complete an online purchase and one who takes 4 days? Here's what we found when we looked at signals to unpack the specialty retail category.

Down to Business

Business decision makers are a smart, driven group on Facebook. Find out how they spend their time on Facebook, and their attitudes towards seeing business content throughout the day.

A Merry Mobile Holiday

The who, when and why of mobile shopping this holiday.

More than a Message: The Evolution of Conversation

Explore what’s driving the meteoric rise of messaging across 14 markets.

Meet the Parents

The nuclear family is fast becoming the networked family. But how much do we really know about the reality of modern parenting?

45 Up

Learn how people ages 45up in France, Italy and the UK are using tech to stay physically, mentally and socially active, and challenging popular perceptions of aging.

Hand to Heart

We know that mobile moves people. But grabbing someone’s attention and heart in a mobile feed is different than on TV.

Shifts for 2020

The world is changing—fast. Find out which shifts in consumer behavior and expectations you can leverage today to help secure relevance and growth tomorrow.

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