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Marlene Wogan
· October 5, 2017
I am disgusted that the Irish guide dog charity are holding a fundraiser night at a night at the dogs in Cork Greyhound Stadium. Are you aware of what happened these dogs that don't cut the mustard. W...ell after they been dumped with tattooed ears cut off they are usually found starved mange broken limbs etc. That in Ireland. Get them to China where they end up in the meet trade boiled alive for a better taste. Vile humans that can abject that kind of pain and fear on an innocent Animal. And this is where you want to fundraise for the beautiful guide dogs. Shame on you all. Hang your head on shame ��� See More
Darren Mulqueen
· October 6, 2017
Thank you for your stance against the scourge and abuse of dog racing and for confirming you will not be accepting any proceeds from unethical events at dog racing tracks.

You are in good company as... The Hope Foundation also recently distanced itself from the barbaric and outdated practice and soon all charities will have the same policy, for those that don't already. Thank you for sticking up for the dogs. Faith in humanity restored for the day! See More
Lilian Levriers
· October 6, 2017
I am just speechless and shocked for your fundraising event at the Greyhound racing stadium! don't you see that's wrong in fundraising out of the suffering of dogs to fund training dogs? how can you ...ignore the horrible life of the Greyhounds when they are just used and disposed off as comodity?
please consider to cancel immediately the event at the racing track !
Tell your team to be more responsabile in future!
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Andrea Driver
· October 6, 2017
You might provide a great service to the blind but you are doing a great disservice to Greyhounds. Who on earth thought this was a good idea? Was the brief 'Come up with a fundraising idea that is to be controversial. And, if you can, pick something that is cruel to dogs'.
Well, whoever came up with this was spot on!
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Jackie McBrearty
· April 12, 2018
I'm a GuideDog owner. I have a total beauty of a dog called Rhum. Over the past few weeks Rhum has been recovering from an operation. The support I've recieved from IGDB has been amazing. The impact... that these dogs have on our lives can not be measured. In the few weeks Rhum spent in model farm road I felt lost, my independence was effected but my home felt empty, my morning snuggles were gone. I would have reached my hand out but no fur met me. Today my girl was returned and i'm complete again. These dogs offer us more than a fast brisk walk, they offer us snuggles when we feel low and make us laugh at stunts they pull. If i didn't have a GuideDog in my life i'd be a very different person. I love Rhum. I also highly respect this organisation that makes these super heroes. I used to cringe at this description but I now know that Rhum is my wee hairy super Hero. so thank you IGDB for taking excellent care of my wee hero and thanks for being there for me. See More
Belinda Morgan
· October 6, 2017
Edited - Thank you for letting us know that it was a third party who organised this and that your organisation will not in any way be supporting this cruel industry.
Horrified at Irish Guide ...Dogs using Greyhound Racing to fundraise. Educate 8 to this Cruel Industry and do the right thing please See More
Katie Hogan
· October 6, 2017
Have been a long term supporter but am horrified to learn of the mentality that exists within your organisation that supports the exploitation of one breed of dog to fundraise for another. Very upset ...and disappointed and would love an explanation as to why this has been organised. Surely your fundraising manager is aware of the cruelty and welfare issues that surround the greyhound racing industry ? Why then has it been ignored ? This is an appalling message to be sending out . You have lost my support. See More
Amanda Foster
· October 6, 2017
Irish Guide dogs for the blind is a worthy charity but I am shocked and disgusted that you would hold a fundraising event at the expense of another dog. A greyhound who is so gentle and loving and yet... a commodity for the racing industry where they are discarded with no thought. Where you bet on a dog who are literally running for their life. Do your research please and don't support this cruel sport. See More
Anna Filipova
· March 11, 2018
I volunteered with the Irish guide dogs and I saw myself the hard work they are doing to train and give love to the dogs. It is not an easy job, but they are doing just great!
Amanda Hogan Higgins
· October 6, 2017
I’m absolutely heartbroken and disgusted to see that ye will be associated with a greyhound track in order to pull in money for the charity, I’m sure there are other ways of fundraising. I also need n...ot tell ye the poor treatment of our loveable greyhounds in this country and especially the way in when they are sent over seas
Shame on ye
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Deirdre Fay
· October 6, 2017
Well done for acting so swiftly to address the charity fund raiser being held in your name (And clarifying you DID NOT set it up or sign off on a greyhound night).
Glad to see you contacted the organi...sers and this is now stopped.
Great work and thank you for supporting greyhounds and the fight against the cruelty they endure via greyhound racing.
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Susie Honez
· October 6, 2017
Thank you To Shirley and the Irish Guide dogs for restoring faith in Humanity and not associating yerselves with the Greyhound industry,
I will fully support ye from here on out and will urge my frie...nds to do so as well,
Thank you
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Madeleine Butler
· October 6, 2017
** So pleased to see that the organisation will not be accepting a donation at an event where Greyhounds suffer & die . Thank you **
It's unbelievable that an organisation so completely involved with... dogs & their welfare can get it so wrong & be holding a fund raiser where beautiful Greyhounds are so badly treated, forced to run & can die � You should be ashamed of yourselves. See More
Hazel Alder
· October 6, 2017
Shame shame shame on guide dogs for the blind hosting a fundraiser at the dog races.where dogs are raced to their death and if they are not fast enough they are exported to countries like china and Pa...kistan countries with no animal welfare laws.have you not seen the newspapers greyhounds boiled alive in China. Please reconsider your fundraising nite and do not support this cruel outdated industry.
If you support this you support this your supporting animal abuse
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Jane Lee Futto
· October 6, 2017
So happy that Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind have disassociated themselves from the greyhound track , it demonstrates this charity has morals and does not want to be involved with the filthy world of ...greyhound racing. Im very impressed with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind See More
Margaret Twohig
· October 6, 2017
Guide dogs or greyhounds, they all deserve the same care, love and homes. Thousands of greyhounds "disappear" every year, past their sell by date their lives end and often in horrific circumstances. I... am extremely disappointed in your support of the greyhound business, while acknowledging the great work your organisation does, regretfully I will not be supporting you in the future. See More
Maarit Komulainen
· October 6, 2017
I simply can't believe a you are planing to have a fundraiser event at the dog track!! Do you not care about the welfare issues of the greyhounds involved with this cruel industry? All the suffering ...they endure ? I really can't believe a charity who uses dogs to help people would go this low See More
Sandra FitzGerald
· October 6, 2017
THANKYOU Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind for clarifying and for not being associated with any events being held at the Greyhound race track.

Please Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind do not hold a fundra...iser at the Greyhound racing track. Do you not know what a cruel industry the greyhound racing industry is? Have you not heard about the abuse? These dogs are vulnerable to being exported to countries with no animal welfare in place where they are abused, tortured and sold as meat. Please reconsider!! See More
Nuala Buckley
· April 8, 2017
Feel honoured to have been one of the lucky families to be given our very own super hero so many people to thank everyone in the guide dogs made me feel so welcome too many people to thank all I can s...ay is thank you for giving us a chance and for making me feel so comfortable my families new journey is beginning with our beautiful assistance dig Elsie thanks to all who have got Elsie to where she is today a wonderful assistance dog for my daughter Hazel. See More
Ciara McDaid
· October 6, 2017
It's hard to believe such a fantastic charity is associated with grey hound racing. All dogs matter! Do the right thing! Cut the ties!

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