"naked" - 1st Single OUT NOW



I know, I keep life simple.
Let me roll in fairydust.
I´m a wolf supposed to be wild.
I don´t want to give it up.
I grow with every step I
take along the way. Yeah.
High up, the sky is no limit,
that´s where I wanna stay.

Naked, naked. Open up my soul.
I want to want to better loose control.
I take it take it without my shoes.
I´m safe.

You know, I like life´s pleasures.
Don´t regret a single day.
Let´s find some hidden treasures.
I´m loving the easy way.
I feel the sun where I stand started.
I just crave peace.
Keep dancing and come over.
We are wild and free.

I go home.
Leave a little sparkle whereever you go.
I wear a crown and I longed for it.

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Ein frohes neues und vor allem glückliches Jahr 2018 wünschen wir euch!
An dieser Stelle schöne Urlaubsgrüße aus Thailand! Seb lässt es sich mehr als gut gehen. Danach arbeiten wir fleißig an unserer 2. Single weiter.🎵

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