Wordsauce, I've been doing better being active on these here social networks!! Would anyone be interested if I did a video blog youtube channel of music and production stuff??

Super bummed I can't see boaconstructor and Roboctopus or TREY FREY or SMILETRON or Auxcide

kinda happy i don't have to see Solarbear though


Finished a remix for boaconstructor

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Got a new computer for producing, real excited to continue making tunes. I made a new prog tune today, and I'm gonna release it as a free single at some point very soon! Just gotta make art and master it nicely. Thanks for following me in my musical ventures, friends

Makin some bass sounds #sweg

Frostbyte added a new photo.
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Man I really have not updated here in a while! I'll be more active on my social networking soon

started a new track last night, really liking the sound of it woot!

Have this for free, it was my first experiment with Prog/Electro smashed together. It's kinda cool! 2013

Hey guys! First free download of 2013...Lots of new stuff coming for free this year guys Time to get me some new fans hopefully! I just wanna share this music with you all. Time to stop hoarding!…/free-dl-frostbyte-watchers

(watchers) 2013.1


So, my girlfriend and I broke up today. Trying to keep up the smiles :) Have this, hope you enjoy. Didn't spend too much time on it, only about ...

50,000 likes and I'll release a song RIGHT NOW!!!!

So I made you all a christmahanakwanza/end of the world song

I used FL, LSDJ, and brain for this

Check it out fellas

She's my favorite. This is my favorite song. And I decided to remix it because I love it so much :) Showing off some bass work and resampling in...

Progress on the album? Yeah, I'd say so. Redoing ALL my snares and adding FM wherever is appropriate.

Totally heard knife party on CSI