We're delighted to invite you to peruse the fourth edition of the Writing Across the Curriculum Newsletter, accessible here:…/docs/writing_across_the_curriculum_sprin

Inside, you’ll find a list of on-demand and scheduled faculty workshops (including one today at 12:30 in HSS 306), our second WAC faculty column, a feature on meaningful writing assignments, and information on what WAC can offer to instructors, departments, and colleges across the university. We’ve also included some scholarship/publishing opportunities relevant to faculty in all disciplines.

Newsletter for the Indiana University of Pennsylvania WAC program. Published Spring 2018.

Podcast featuring IUP WAC director and faculty teaching WAC at IUP!…/writing-across-the-curriculum-wac-d…/

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Developments at IUP Episode 4 (2.5.18) Published on: February 5, 2018 Author: wkkw Dr. Bryna Siegel Finer, Associate Professor of English; Mrs. Jodie Seybold, MS, RD, LND, Dietetic Internship Director; and Marie Webb, second year Doctoral student in English Com....

Great advice from the authors of this book about how to make writing assignments meaningful!

Dana McLachlin shared a link to the group: Council on Basic Writing.

Helpful book review about designing meaningful writing assignments

A new book seeks to help instructors design a meaningful writing assignment.

“Commenting is not a clerical duty; it is an act of pedagogy. We do not help balance any cosmic scales by commenting on something just becomes it “needs” to be commented on. We should not respond just because students have written, because they have written well, or because they have written poorly. Instead, we should respond because we want to teach them something that—as best we can tell from reading their work—they need to learn.”…/responding-to-…/

Students write. We comment. Nancy Sommers can help us do so more thoughtfully and skillfully. Her new book continues the work of her landmark essay on responding to student writing. Her new rule? W…

Writing needs to be part of all of our Liberal Studies courses. Here's some reasons why:…/reforming-general-education-three-re…

By Paul Hanstedt To provide a truly integrated liberal education, we must not only change our curricula—the courses we offer—but we must change what we do in the classroom, the kinds of papers and assignments and labs and projects we assign, and the kinds of test questions we ask.

In case you missed it, this video captures only a bit of the atmosphere from yesterday’s National Day on Writing Carnival. You really had to be there to experience how truly exciting it was. HUGE thanks to all of you who sent your students and those who had tables, and to Marissa McKinley and Melissa Lutz who organized this event. (vid cred: Marissa McKinley)

Dr. Johnson and McKinley’s collaboration is a perfect example of how IUP faculty from different disciplines can come together to strengthen their pedagogy; read about how the WAC program can enhance your classroom, too!…/whats-going-on-in-iup-classrooms-a-…/

What’s Going on in IUP Classrooms: A Collaboration between English and Food and Nutrition Faculty Published on: October 18, 2017 Author: wkkw This past week, students in Dr. Rita Johnson’s FDNT 430: Professional Topics in Food and Nutrition class began working on their personal statements in a unit…

Come to the National Day on Writing Carnival on Friday, October 20th from 11am to 1pm in the first floor HSS Lobby to find out why these ducks are so excited about writing! #ndow #writingcarnival #whyiwrite

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Iup Wac Director Bryna Siegel Finer shares tips on directing a WAC program!

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Iup Wac

Only at the National Day on Writing Carnival, Friday Oct 20th from 11am-1pm, HSS lobby! #ndow #whyIwrite

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Iup Wac

We are days away from the National Day on Writing Carnival! Make sure to join us on Friday, October 20th between 11am and 1pm in the 1st floor lobby of the HSS building! #ndow #writingcarnival

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Iup Wac

The Writing Across the Curriculum program along with the Jones White Writing Center will be hosting a writing carnival in celebration of the National Day on Writing. Join us in the HSS first floor lobby on Friday, October 20th for free games, food, and entertainment!

Don't forget to join Dr. Siegel Finer in HSS 306 today at 9:30am to learn about efficient grading strategies!

If you can't make it this morning, you have a second chance to attend tomorrow at 1:25pm in the same location.

See you there!

Dr. Palmquist’s talk will define WAC, link WAC to Bloom’s critical thinking taxonomy, and ask us to think about WAC design in larger (institutional) and smaller (courses) contexts in order to offer ideas about how WAC fits into related educational initiatives, and open up room for discussion of our needs at IUP. Mike Palmquist is Associate Provost and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at Colorado State University. His scholarly interests include writing across the cur...riculum, the effects of computer and network technologies on writing instruction, and new approaches to scholarly publishing. He is the author of Joining the Conversation: Writing in College and Beyond, The Bedford Researcher, Designing Writing, The Bedford Bibliographer, and the Bedford Research Room. He is the coordinator of Writing@CSU, the Writing Studio,
and founding editor of the WAC Clearinghouse.

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Don't miss Mike Palmquist's address to the university on Writing Across the Curriculum! Mark your calendars!

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Due to the faculty strike, the National Day on Writing Carnival originally scheduled for tomorrow, Oct. 20th, has been cancelled.

Just a taste of the goodies that will be available at the National Day on Writing Carnival! Join us in the HSS first floor lobby between 11am and 1pm this Thursday, October 20th!

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