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Critical thinking is essential for optimising business models, convincing clients and making overall better decisions. Learn how to test, discern and respond best in nearly every professional situation.

Find our new & exciting Online-Course "Critical Thinking for Business" - starting on the 15th of February.

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Critical thinking is essential for optimising business models, communicating with clients and making overall better decisions. As one of the most valued skills today, learn how to test, discern and respond best in every professional situation.

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Apstle C. Guyo Jaldesa
· November 14, 2017
Am a trade unionist and this is excellent platform to advance my so much needed labour related knowledge in order to represent both domestic and allied workers well. I need a scholarship to go beyond ...all limits in this. Shalom See More
Hasib Khan
· December 22, 2017
Purai osthir.... nothing to say..all are good.....Special tanx our elder brother who is the owner of Root Cafe.....
Mulu Wa Ndeti
· June 12, 2015
This awesome! My desire is to be an entrepreneur with special specialty in motivation and Telecommunications networks account management. I am a natural salesman and I am looking for a mentor to help... me throttle to the next level of success and self-actualization. I am an avid sales consultant and a great communictor. I love been of service to humanity and it's the high time I meet world renown self made God fearing and successful mentor. I am recovering alcoholic who spent 6 months in a rehabilitation because of identity crisis. I love writing and reading and making a difference in somebody else's life. I need to shift gears and blend with a person who understands and has almost a similar experience. But has finally made it to the top of the food chain. I am smart, astute and go-getter. I am passionate about life and naturally intelligent. ☺ See More
Gurumech Yellur
· March 2, 2016
iVersity is one of the most generous online learning (MOOC) platform, launching programs that are related to wide range of learning groups.

Top notch study material, good presentation and avid experience of the authors in the subject of interest make it a wonderful experience to take up the courses. Free certificate of participation after the course is a big advantage.

Challenges related to exercises are mediocre and publishing frequency of new courses is less.

Thank you iVersity!
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Robert Kosà
· May 4, 2016
hey guys! I really appreciate what you guys are doing! You have a lot of great courses and the idea behind it is cool! I had no major problems using the platform: I am using iversity already for 2 ye...ars now, and I've noticed only at one or two days some problems. And usually the support team reacts really fast and is very helpful- you just need to send them an email and thats it ;)
I really enjoy the design and the layout of the course structure, but the results of the assignments could be shown in a more user-friendly way. Thats all what I can think of. Enjoy!
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Juy Juy
· October 23, 2017
I think its a very relevant for me. i want to learn more and more.
Faisal M Ishaq
· December 29, 2014
just enrolled in upcoming two courses. the website GUI is great and im really excited to start receiving the notes and indulge in the university system. will be really happy to find the management & m...arketing and Language based courses. ! See More
Pankaj Gupta
· October 14, 2014
Knowledge is the highest form of power - How can lower forms of power [Money and Muscle] control it? For the mankind to progress and for human brain to evolve to next level - Education has to be freed... from rules, regulations, commercial interests and international boundaries. See More
Ibe Onyekachi
· January 4, 2015
this platform has given so many people- the financially challenged, the no work free time people, the lovers of knowledge and diversity, the opportunity to better their lives
Timmy Anthony Belcaries
· October 18, 2014
Education have cross barriers, now borders within Inversity and now our future is in a clearer path, i can do anything.
Sams Momanyi
· May 17, 2014
It makes learning easy and interesting. I request that you provide translated versions of those courses which are not in English. This can help those who don't understand Germany to take the courses online
Eugene Mirador
· April 30, 2014
this is really helpful and i'm going to tell my friends this free online education...keep up the good work guys......
Genaro Bastardo
· March 8, 2015
Iversity is more than a university is a virtual space where ideas are cultivated and universal thought'm proud to belong to this family.
Letticia Rosado
· October 29, 2015
The courses are easy to complete. I like that I can get my assignments done in less than a week, and fulfill my enrichment needs.
Matata Cris Kilemba
· October 27, 2014
always better to study from anywhere with an online programme for free learning simplified nice work iversity
Josphat Konnie
· January 19, 2015
I Think iversity is simply an astonishing Technological invention! Its a great and cost effective way to promote global equity and social justice through the enhancement of knowledge.
Richard Y. Khagoda
· December 2, 2014
I have just enrolled today, i am sure it offers an excellent tutorial courses.
Majority are strongly advised to enroll with Iversity !!!!!!
Adamu Ibrahim
· December 7, 2015
very good helps peoples need assistance is an oppty youth to meet up there career job
Faiz Mhmmad
· September 2, 2015
Thanks a lot happy to see a good an ounce ilike how to accept this aguction please sent me your contact number
Milagre Chavane
· January 19, 2015
when i started my first course (EU in Global Governance) i thought it was just like other online platforms i had already visited, but during the process i understood that Iversity is so different. i m...ean, this wonderful: i felt like i was studing master degree. here you will be assisted by the wellknown academics from the highest and universally credited universities.

i am now enrolled to other courses, namely "Business Analisis" and "From International Relations to Global Politics".


OK! I am waitting for your company.
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The European Union in Global Governance
Welcome to iversity - Take Open Courses with us.
Study anywhere with iversity!

Was kann die EU eigentlich für Kommunen und Regionen tun? In unserem neuen Kurs vom Europäischen Ausschusses der Regionen erfahrt Ihr es. Der Kurs ist kostenlos und startet im Januar 2018 in drei Sprachen (englisch, deutsch und französisch).

What can the eu do for municipalities and regions? In our new course of the European committee of the regions you will find out. The course is free and starts in January 2018 in three languages (English, German and French).
Erfahren Sie mehr über Möglichkeiten aktueller und zukünftiger EU Förderungen für Ihre Region oder Stadt. In einem kostenlosen Online-Kurs bietet der Europäische Ausschuss der Regionen Hintergrundinformationen und Projektbeispiele zum Thema an.

Have you ever wondered what the EU can do for your region? Our new course by the European Committee of the Regions wants to help you find it out. In this free online course starting 15 Jan 2018 you will learn about policies, budget management and funding programmes of the European Union tailored for the regional and local level. The course will be offered in English, French ( and German (

The European Committee of the Regions offers a free online course on EU funding at regional and local level. You will find out more about the background of EU funds and how they work in practice.
iversity updated their profile picture.
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MOOC workshop at the EU Committee of the Regions. Not sure if their technical equipment is sufficient for producing an online course...

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The last chapter of "Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them'" starts today. But no worries - you can access all chapters at any time. Join the discussion!

What would it take to create truly integrated societies in diverse countries where migration is partand parcel of economic and social life?

It's Friday! Which means a new chapter of "Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them'" is online. Dive in and find out more about what citizenship means in the context of integration. .

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How much does citizenship matter for people to integrate and feel as though they belong to a society? We take on this topic in Chapter 4 of Rethinking 'Us' & 'T...hem', in 3-6 minute long videos, live as of 30 minutes ago on iversity:

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MigrationMatters added 2 new photos.

Behind the scenes in the team, we often refer to Rethinking ‘Us’ & ‘Them’ as our “integration course” because ‘integration’ as it's debated today across the con...tinent is where the original idea for this online course came from. We hear about it and its importance all the time, but what does it actually mean and who is it for?

Join us online for 3-6 minute chunks of nuance and original perspectives on integration:

#rethinkintegration #diversity #refugees #immigrants #elearning #MOOC

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What is INTEGRATION? -- Chapter 3 of "Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them'" is online. Haven't started the course yet? No worries, you can sign up at any time - for FREE.

What would it take to create truly integrated societies in diverse countries where migration is partand parcel of economic and social life?

The 2nd chapter of "Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them'" is online. Join the course for free:…/rethinking-us-them-integration-and-d…

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Are you part of the 'Us' or 'Them'? Who is a real German/Canadian/Turk? Does diversity make us stronger or is it a threat to social cohesion?

Join the 'Us' & 'Them' course community where people from all over the world, including Poland, Germany, Kenya, and Pakistan, are commenting on these topics related to diversity, integration, and belonging.

Sign up for free anytime:

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Have you looked into "Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them'" yet? The videos are bite-sized and easy to watch during your coffee break or whenever else you have a couple of minutes. Enrol now!…/rethinking-us-them-integration-and-d…

"Increased diversity in Europe is a problem for some, a cause for celebration for others, and a lived reality for many."
Check out the trailer to the new MOOC "Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe" that is starting TODAY on…/rethinking-us-them-integration-and-d….
Enrol now!

Welcome from the Migration Matters Team to Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them', a free, bite-sized online course that explores integration, diversity and identity in Eu...

Attention, Berlin! Tonight, MigrationMatters celebrates the course launch "Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them'", and you can be the first to get an exclusive sneak preview before the course starts tomorrow on…/rethinking-us-them-integration-and-d…

Thu 6:30 PM UTC+02IL KINO BerlinBerlin, Germany
118 people interested

"Rethinking 'Us'&'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe", a MOOC developed by MigrationMatters, will be launched this Friday on, and you can already enrol!…/rethinking-us-them-integration-and-d…