Liz Ann is Diva AF! Come out for an amazing show at the Westport Coffee House! Featuring works by Cody Kauhl Jason Charney and Daniel Eichenbaum!

Thu 7:30 PM CDTWestport Coffee HouseKansas City, MO
30 people interested

Announcement of chosen works from our call for Liz Pearse! Congrats Cody Kauhl and Daniel Eichenbaum! Read more about the call, and what went on behind the scenes on our official blog!

Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance (KcEMA) was founded in 2007 and works to support and develop the electronic music and arts community in Kansas City.
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I'm defending my diss tomorrow. Regardless of the outcome, I'm going to be drinking. I'll be polite and say it starts at 5pm, but i may be there earlier.

Thu 5:00 PM CSTFred P Otts Bar and Grill PlazaKansas City, MO
4 people went

I was at SEAMUS. just FYI

new blog post on my personal site. What are we worth as musicians, as artists, as people?…/what-are-we-worth.html

In honor of all the people in the blogosphere writing about applications to grad schools and such, i've done a series at regarding my experiences in finding schools, from finding my undergrad through my doctorate. check it out!

AND KcEMA Concert tonight, 7:30, La Esquina! It's gonna be awesome. i don't have a piece being performed, but I'll be there lending tech support! AND THERE'S A KEG!

couple new blogs up, one at and one at

come to sinewavegurus and chime in on your opinion for the biggest question in audio today: Digital or Analog mixing consoles!

all sorts of goodies! first off, i've got a new website up. Come by and check it out! also, there is a new blog entry up on it's short and sweet, all about the necessity of listening to a mix in as many places as possible

a new entry by the esteemed Brad Baumgardner about performance considerations in electronic music. Check it out!

A Performer's Take on Electronic Music (The Click Track is 100% Pure Evil)contributed by Brad Baumgardner ( ) Those who know me know that I don’t write much electro-acoustic music, ...

just put up a new entry at Check it out, link to it, and follow along the new discussion, all about Listening.

Today starts a little series i'm doing about Listening. Enjoy!The Art of ListeningA few days ago I was laying down a couple tracks with a buddy of mine. Nothing intense, just a little acoustic guitar, some easy overdubbing, and some light editing. ...

Hey, i starter a new blog with some friends, The first real post is up. join the fun!

As an active electro-acoustic composer, I constantly think about that “one piece of gear that will make my set-up perfect.” I’m sure we’ve all had that point. Or the “building my first studio, what do ...

Brand new track uploaded! Check it out. Studio recording of It Was Raining with fabulous soprano Sarah E. Fox. give i a listen!

I see new people in the fans list. thanks for dropping by all! hope you actually somewhat like the music as well! or at least are entertained by my bio.

thanks to all the new fans for dropping by! if you have sites, drop them here so we can all enjoy them. in the mean time, the blog is the place to see my words.