time to park a new trailer on this here hitch for "jackass presents: bad grandpa .5"... own it on digital HD june 3!
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Movie Spot
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Movie Spot

What happens in South Africa doesn't always stay in South Africa; in fact, it opens here in the USA on June 1st!

Rick Kosick: So how does it feel to be in a movie with Johnny Knoxville again? Chris Pontius: It felt great. I was so stoked that he asked me to be in it, because it’s the biggest role I’ve ever had in a scripted movie and just filming with any...

From Bunny to Benny… you’re definitely not gonna wanna miss Chris Pontius in Action Point!

Today on the blog: Rick Kosick interviews Chris Pontius about his role in the upcoming flick Action Point and what it was like filming in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rick Kosick: So how does it feel to be in a movie with Johnny Knoxville again? Chris Pontius: It felt great. I was so stoked that he asked me to be in it, because it’s the biggest role I’ve ever had in a scripted movie and just filming with any...

If you've been jonesing for some new stunts, Johnny Knoxville aimed to please for your viewing enjoyment…

Today on the blog: An interview with Johnny Knoxville about his upcoming flick Action Point, wherein he discusses injuries, injuries, and injuries (among other stuff).

You may have heard the rumors. You may have seen the eyepatch. Now hear it all from the man himself, Johnny Knoxville, who once again put his ass on the line for all your giggling enjoyment when Action Point opens in theaters this summer. So, without further ado, here's Rick...

You've seen the trailer... now read the articles!

This summer—well, June 1st, if you want to get all technical and shit—Johnny Knoxville returns to the big screen with all-new stunts in his feature film Action Point, guest-starring Chris Pontius and extra extra JxPx Blackmon! Read all about it…

"I thought of the most painful stunts I could, and we made a film."

You can't keep a good man down. Watch Johnny Knoxville go for broke (and get broke!) this summer in Action Point...

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Action Point

#actionpoint is the theme park your mom doesn't want you to know about. no rules, no limits, just pure fun. opening june 1st. watch the trailer now.

if you're a stickler for jackass history then you better jump on this hardback grenade sooner than later... although it may already be too late!

It's official: this shit is out of print. If you missed out on copping a feel of this "best of" fecal sampling from #BigBrotherMagazine, please petition the publisher!

Buy THE BIG BROTHER BOOK from Gingko Press ›› No other magazine pushed the boundaries of skateboarding and pop culture of the '90s like Big Brother ...

It's that magical Ponce de Leon day of the year where you are reminded to always stay young at heart. Why? Because it's Johnny Knoxville's birthday!

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Oh, snap… Happy Birthday to Johnny Knoxville! (Photo: Sean Cliver)

How this documentary got overlooked by the #Oscars2018 is beyond dumb.

dumb: the story of big brother magazine (Official Trailer) • A Hulu Documentary Unprofessional, amateur, and beyond dumb — this is the story of how Big Broth...

Ten years ago today, this was D-Day in NYC…

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Where were you in two thousand oh-eight when the dam began to burst? Were you wearing denim? Were you wearing leather? No #TBT matter. We’re just standing on the eve of 24-hours of destruction on the MTV a decade ago. (Photo: Sean Cliver)

spreading the love...

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What happens when you combine #ValentinesDay with #WildboyzWednesday? Some damn sexy arithmetic, that's what.

did you blink? because a decade just went by...

Today on the blog: Believe it or not, 10 years ago Johnny Knoxville broke his penis in a motorbike stunt gone wrong—so wrong!

Unlike pigs, time does fly; or, unlike Travis Pastrana, Johnny Knoxville does not backflip. Yes, unbelievable though it may seem, 10 years ago, maybe not to the day but close enough for idiomatic horseshoes and hand grenades purposes, our fearless leader rose to the Evel Knievel occasion and, well,....

Did you check out Ultimate Expedition last night on the YouTubes? It’s the latest place you can find Steve-O (and Jukka Hilden, too, of course, but maybe you should just click the link to learn the more).

Today on the blog: Rick Kosick gets the skinny from Jukka Hilden on his move to the US of A, the house party origins of The Dudesons, and tonight's premiere of Ultimate Expedition on YouTube Red.

Do you to the YouTubes? If so, be sure to check out Jukka's new show Ultimate Expedition, debuting today on the YouTube Red label (not to be confused with John Lucero's Black Label). But that's just part of what you can read below, where Rick Kosick went into the depths...

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Psst… hey kid, wanna buy a skateboard? Get a Chris Pontius deck at a special holiday price!…/chris-pontius-i-didn-t…

Artwork by Chris Pontius Signed by Artist Wood by PS Stix 5-Color Hand-Silkscreened by Sleeping Skull Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 31 3/4" Nose:...

It's Monday and you're at a cyber loss. You need something to put some heat back on that credit card. You have a sudden and uncontrollable desire to consume what we have to offer. In the almighty words of John Carpenter (not Frank Fairey) "OBEY."

Greetings! Seasonally speaking, that is, because we're here to help fan the flames that fuel the economy with a few gifty (and perhaps even thrifty!) ideas for your friends, family, loved ones, and any other sentient lifeforms you deem worthy of presenting a present. For the most part these items...