Rocky Temple
Remix of some burlesque footage. Done with Final Cut
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Maryanne Savino is with Teddy Welton.


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Bust a move! 💃🏻

Credit: Twist And Pulse

China has announced, via a United Nations report, that it will be covering nearly a quarter of the country with forests by 2020.  The plan is to turn China into an "ecological civilization" and function as a model for future building projects. “The outdated view that man can conquer nature and ig

In case anyone forgot!

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you are LOVED!

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Riccardo Ferrari is with Jamal Khalique and 5 others.

Everyone is welcome
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Great music, greater cause.

Purchases of this music will help fund medical treatment for Blane Lyon. Paying more will help him reach his necessary goal faster.

Greetings all. If you would like to support my healing of cancer....then please buy this album. Thanks

33 track album
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Alok Ananda is with Hanna Leigh and 42 others.

Aloha! Here it is Everyone,

I give you “Beautiful Mystery”
This album ya'll!!!!!! Breathing deep with my heart on my sleeve. My soul is on this record
It’s tak...en 3.5 years to get this body of work to the world and its been a labor of love. All the trials & initiations are in here.
Everything I've survived that helped me become a better human and live this message; everything I believe in went into this process. Its all in here.

This is my call to action...

This a prayer for humanity to open its heart wider and return to the global village. This is a prayer for our greater tribe of change makers & earth stewards to rise up and lead the way home. This a prayer for the deepest honoring and protection of the sacred. This is a prayer for harmony & the great remembrance.

Many of these songs could have been birthed directly out of standing rock but were sewn years prior; arriving in divine timing to continue to tell the story of our greater movement and the rise of the peaceful warrior nation. May we stand as one people, may the prophecies be fulfilled, May we return to the one world tree that Black Elk spoke of.

This is my offering.
I’m excited for you to hear it.

Production by Srikala Roach
Female Supporting Vocals by Sarah Skogberg
Guitar and Percussion by Robert Ervin

Deepest thank you’s to all the beloved souls who stood bye me through the toughest times, to all my elders, mentors and beloveds who showed me how to love deeper & live more simply. You know who you are. To our greater community & everyones gifts that are contributing to a better world. I see you, I honor your medicine.

This is for the ancestors, this IS for the next 7 Generations.
Mahalo Ke Akua.
For all my relations

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Big Love and Shout outs to all the epic medicinal music ohana out there, I see you, I honor you, thank you for your courage and bringing your gifts to the planet :: too many to name :::

Kelli Love Kaila Weaver Marya Stark Carmen Crow Mary Isis Diehl-Chapman Bri Summers John Wright Jordan Walker Donald Strickland Rob Ball Kiyoshi Shelton Patrick Haize Patrick Kiebzak Summit Jaffe Peia Bird Love Dustin Thomas Mikey Pauker Amber Lily Uilani Lileana Fangz Elah Scott Adam Elfers Richard Vagner Diana Carr Hart Sawyer Nadine Casanova Nate Stein Ayla Nereo Gregory Funicello Jackson Whalan Manis Aloha Murraya Kyle Sadie Ranen Ben Harris Max Ribner Colin Martin Alia Melissa Metcalf Al Song Wolf Torre Tina Malia Michael Sean Jones Courtney Acamo Nicole Santoro Priya Deepika Mohan Nessi Noodle

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Lafa Taylor is with Michael Daniel and 6 others.

Lafa Taylor's New "Ridin' Slow" Video is Out Now!

Click to watch:


Heading back to California May 16th!

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#happy #2018 #mutatenow @ #lightmandala

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Common Vision

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.*”

Join the team this season: ...

Common Vision is once again gathering 18 educators and artists to inspire thousands of kids with planting fruit trees, making art, and growing living classrooms in California public schools. January 24-March 11: Hone your skills in pruning and irrigation, make art with students about growing a more just society, and work and laugh with a group of dedicated change-makers.

* So this quote is often falsely attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr. This confusion happens because it was (falsely) attributed to Martin Luther (16th Century Protestant Reformation) when it was being used by German churches to inspire hope and perseverance during opposition to the Nazi dictatorship.

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Common good is a good idea

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Common Vision

21 #Sacramento public school orchards are currently unfunded. Help us convert food deserts into orchards and plant the seeds for a healthy generation.

This is a great way to get into focus for living here on earth.

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BrightStar Live Events

Happy Earth Day, everyone.