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  • Founder2006 to presentBen Lomond, California
    I am responsible to bring X the infinite GAME to the market in both small and big ways.
    • Planet of Peacecraft
      Oct 2012 to present
      Developing the video version of X the GAME.
    • X the Game
      1980 to present
      NeXt Generation of X the GAME, as a paradigm shifting Game of Life social networking application embedded in a card game, board game, online and mobile game platform.
    • Windsinger distributor
      Helping to set up Windsinger Distributors and market these facinating devices.
    • Exorb Mobile Game
      2009 to 2011
      This is the mobile version of X the GAME.
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  • Co-founderBen Lomond, California
  • Color Worker
About Jai
  • CEO- eXperience Technologies
    Founder- Global Community eXperience
    Co-Founder Be and Be Well, Inc.
Favorite Quotes
  • "Everything changes, Everything changes, Everything changes...
    not that much!" (Shanti)
    "The Light is All Ways at the center of the Game." (Master Ram)