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  • PhotographerAugust 2015 to presentColorado Springs, Colorado
    Bucket List Photo Workshops LLC is hosting regional (southwest US) and beyond photo workshops. Visit our website at http://www.meetup.com/Bucket-List-Photo-Workshops/
  • PhotographerJuly 2012 to present
    Official Photographer for Motor Sports
  • Creative Director / TypographerJanuary 1, 1981 to presentColorado Springs, Colorado
    Harris Design specializes in corporate and brand identity, custom typography for packaging and display, and commercial type design. We have worked with some of the biggest design firms around the world for such clients as Healthy Choice, International Delight, Shock Top Beer, Pizza Hut, and more. Our commercial typefaces are used by Mattel, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins Publishers, Hallmark, Entertainment Weekly, and many others.

    Harris Design develops custom and commercial typefaces for the Macintosh and Windows platforms with worldwide distribution through Monotype Imaging, Linotype, FontHaus, and Creative Market.
  • Owner1979 to presentColorado Springs, Colorado
    James Harris is a multiple award-winning professional photographer, photo workshop leader, and author based in Colorado. James specializes in landscape and fine art photography, travel, motorsports, and outdoor portrait photography. James was born in northern California, but fell in love with the mountains of Colorado during a visit in the late 1990s, and moved with his family to Colorado Springs in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in 2001. James traveled on assignment to Ukraine in 2012, where he photographed many cities and documented the return of Catholicism in a post-Soviet country. James also teaches photography classes and workshops, with an emphasis on landscapes and nature, panoramas, and realistic HDR (high-dynamic range) photography.
    • Catholicism in Ukraine: A Photographic Journey
      2012 to present
      Catholicism in Ukraine: A Photographic Journey is a collection of 165 photographs from award-winning photographer James Harris, documenting the return of Catholicism in post-Soviet Ukraine during a mission trip in 2012. The trip starts in Konotop, a town where 80% of the population don’t own a car, and also covers Romny, Sumy, Kharkiv, Myrhorod, Kiev, Smila, Zvenyhorodka, and Talne. All of the photographs in this book were taken from May 1 through May 11 in 2012. Book size: 13"×11", 80 pages.

      The book is currently being revised and may be picked up by a publisher in Lviv, Ukraine.
  • PhotographerJuly 2012 to August 2016Colorado Springs, Colorado
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