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Timmy Ray Sheppard
· October 24, 2017
What I love about JCC, is their self centered thinking,,,Lets say you've worked your whole life , you've payed your taxes every year...Then one day you wake up and something really bad has happened in... your life, something so bad you can't work no more, there for you cant pay the crooks at JCC your taxes,,,,What happens...well to begin with they have DMV take your tags, so now you have no way to go anywhere Dr appointments, grocery store etc...and the list of everything these self centered assholes do starts to get worse.....Every thing I just mentioned has happened to a loved one of mine,,,,so I went to the Tax office and asked, " does JCC have a rule or a Law that exempts people from their taxes whom have falling on very hard times......guess what there answer I then asked "WHY" isnt that a rule/law.....The Commissioner stated " well we never thought of that,,,,well why not,,,why put people through living hell,knowing they cant work to pay their taxes,,,The Commissioner then said, Thats something you (talking about me) can do,,,,by starting a petion....My first thought was.....isnt this your job to look after the people, and if so, why dont you put this rule/law into affect.....simple.....they are not there to help anyone ,but the rich.....forget the working poor, forget the sick , forget the ones who cant afford to go get the help they need from a doctor,,,lets just stick it to em,,,Maybe we can own their land, home car, boat,,and everything they have worked for there entire life,,,,,,,,maybe JCC should look into how other counties in Va handles things See More
Richard E. Bunch Jr.
· April 11, 2016
$500 charge for EMS service, $10mile mileage charge for the ambulance.......charge for 2.4 mile for a 1 mile ride. For those charges, taxes were raised. Even when I broke my leg years ago in WV, there... was a sign telling you how much you were going to be charged for services! Thanks for the blindside JCCn See More
Christy Almeda
August 17, 2013
all this construction and new home building is getting ridiculous and out of control!!! and everytime theses contractors think they can do what they want i will file a compliant so i am still waiting find out who it is that made me drive my car under the bucket of a big yellow tonka truck because hes the owner and can do what he wants. so jcc do you think that is safe .... See More
Mandy Howington
· August 9, 2016
Were are the pictures from nationals night out. Would like to see.
Carli Park
March 28, 2013
How is it that the county appropriates two hundred thousand dollars to help a few property owners in protecting their waterfront view? It will cost us all in utility expenses to make a few happy over... their This is F**k*d up See More
Cameron RB
· March 30, 2017
They steal disabled veterans land in the name of "taxes."
Jamekia Perrin
· October 17, 2015
We are looked at as a great place. But we are no diff then Newport News. Just have a few extra stuck up rich folks that get away with whatever they want
Reji Larco
· October 14, 2014
This is the very best for a Peaceful, Harmonious World
Lets Work Together
Regina Jennings LCSW
David Doubet
February 21, 2013
Please use your squad cars to catch tellapaths @ grand theft auto. 3D photo IDs need to match birth certificates with hair sample and finger prints. It is not Racial Profiling to tracka loud voice t...o a stolen auto or RV. Citizens can text message a police fax number. See More
Charles R. Costa
September 14, 2012
Keep in touch with your community.
Bill Sykes
· April 17, 2014
FYI Pool and locker rooms are closed today from 11 to 2.
Michelle M Taliaferro
· February 12, 2014
I work for them.

Police seek the public’s assistance in identifying suspects in an incident that occurred at Walmart Neighborhood Market on March 2. #JCCPolice #AttemptToIdentify

Police Attempt to Identify Suspects in Fraud Incident at Walmart Neighborhood Market

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