So much for no new taxes
Question 4 - Jami-Lee Ross to the Minister of Transport
We were fortunate to have Associate Transport Minister David Bennett MP visit the Chapel Road Bridge with me recently. This is a dangerous bridge that has seen many crashes in the past decade, including four fatalities. It is long overdue for an upgrade and I’m pleased to see this is progressing. Here’s a short video of us discussing the proposed upgrade.

If you watched the The AM Show this morning you would have seen the Minister of Transport saying that he is not taking money out of state highways to pay for rail.

Except, that's exactly what this government is doing. Over the next three years they are putting $2 billion into projects like Auckland trams paid for by cuts to state highways in Northland, Taurunga and Canterbury and more fuel taxes.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford has once again misled New Zealand over his plans to fund transport projects, National Party Transport Spokesperson, Jami-Lee-Ross says.

An annual tradition. Thanks for what you do Howick Rsa.

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Howick Local Board member Adele White and Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross doing their bit this morning on Poppy Day