That's it. That's the end of Janathon 2018. We made it to the end, whoop de whoop, yee ha, yay and stuff.

Share your last-day-of-Janathon activities here, along with how many days out of 31 you did, any goals you reached, any slacking you want to confess or anything else you want to talk/moan/rejoice about Janathon-wise (or otherwise, for that matter).

Thank you all for taking part - I enjoyed it and actually made an effort for the first time in an 'athon for a few years

See you in June!

p.s. You could have made more of an effort in the recreating-the-photo thing.

p.p.s I had fun choosing the pics though.

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Ooh, what's that I see on the horizon? YEAH MAN, IT'S THE FINISH LINE, WHOOP WHOOP! You're not quite there yet though, so share your Day 30 activities here.

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