AWL NSW - Bouncer's Story
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SIRIUS AWARDS ADDED TO THE AWARDS LINEUP STARS OF THE FUTURE When: 23rd NOVEMBER 2015 Where: 65th FLOOR of HOLDING REDLICH The talent of Casting Directors to foresee the talents of actors is a special skill. Would Romper Stomper be Romper Stomper without Russell Crowe? Would the Joker be incredible without Heath Ledger? The skill to foresee and identify the future stars of the industry is the serious business. That’s why we asked Casting directors to put forth their current up and coming Stars. ‘The Sirius star is the brightest star in the firmament, and visible from all parts of the planet’. Check this space to see the nominations!

“In my opinion, asylum seeker/refugee stories are always a tough sell, even though Safe Harbour is so much more than that. The majority of Australians would prefer to tune into My Kitchen Rules or Married at First Sight after a hard day’s work rather than give something with a hard-hitting subject matter that’s too close to home a chance.”

Don Groves is with Asha Holmes and 3 others.

Why didn't the acclaimed Matchbox/SBS drama Safe Harbour get the ratings it deserved?

Matchbox Pictures’ Safe Harbour was one of the most superbly produced, critically acclaimed and deftly promoted Australian dramas of recent years: so why were the overnight audiences on SBS relatively low? Advertisement .