I’m excited to announce a tour that I’ve been dreaming about for years! Literally every night of the Christmas tour, Chris August and I would talk about our mutual love for our favorite songwriter— Andy Gullahorn. Both of us have been dreamed about touring with him, so we called him up and decided to all go out together this April!
“The Living Room Sessions: An Evening of Stories and Songs” is booking right now and runs April 18-29 – would you like us to come to your church...? Contact for info.
There will be laughter, stories, good tears, and some of the finest songs you’ve ever heard. (Chris and I will play some songs, too . And all of it will happen in a way that feels like we are in the intimacy of your living room. But with a good sound system, public restrooms, and a bunch of other people and stuff.
I’ve written my best songs with Andy – “I Will Find A Way,” “Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard,” “If You Want To Love Someone,” to name a few. And if you saw the Christmas show, you know that Chris and I had a blast. Bringing it all together means I haven’t been this excited about a tour in a long time. Contact us if you or someone you know would be interested in hosting us! (booking) or (management)
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Catching a ride on a six seater to get to the next gig #propplane #tourlife

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New song and EP coming soon. Like, really soon! "... The more broke you are the more the light gets through... You were made to #glowinthedark..."
Happy birthday to me! I normally wouldn’t post about my own birthday, but this was pretty cool :-). If I’m going to be on the road today, I’m glad I get to be with these people. And be serenaded by @branthansen, @iamsherrilynn and the fine people of Indiana. With an accordion accompaniment. - Come join us this weekend on the misfits tour! Tomorrow night we are in Bourbonnais, IL and Saturday in Chicago, IL! This is the most fun I’ve had on the road in a long time. - #blessedarethemisfits #lifeontheroad #happybirthdaytome #accordionordie
Few things in the world bring me such pleasure as when I can line up the seam on my wrapping paper with the design. Am I right? #wrapping #seamlesswrap #seamless #giftwrapping

I’m excited to play the local show in Nashville tonight! I plan to try out a bunch of new songs that I’m excited to share with you. Hopefully I know how to play them 😬. There is a good chance of me failing publicly, and you aren’t going to want to miss that. 😎. Besides that, look at all these cool people I get to play with tonight! If you can’t make it all the way to Nashville tonight, the show will also be streaming on the rabbit room Facebook page. Information about tickets... below:
#Repost @thelocalshow (@get_repost)
Still some $10 tickets available for tonight’s show at @wellcoffeehouse On Granny White Pk. They go up to $15 at the door.
See the link in our profile to purchase.

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Tonight! In Tempe, AZ at 6 PM! Grateful to be a part of Extreme Faith Productions celebration of 15 years of ministry in Arizona. Concert and/or Dinner tickets on sale now at

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Last night I had the joy of singing at a women’s event where the remarkable @lisawhelchel was one of the featured speakers. The 10 year old me who had a crush on Lisa when she was Blair on the TV show “The Facts Of Life” was geeking out, but grown up me has also enjoyed following her story over the last several years. Our time together backstage was brief, but Lisa was gracious, kind, curious, and generous as I jumped in the deep end with her comparing notes on our similar jo...urneys through divorce, deconstruction of our faith, and what reconstruction has looked like. The facts of life, indeed. (Her conversation with our mutual friend @ianmorgancron on his enlightening “Typology” podcast about the enneagram is really great if you’re curious what Lisa is up to these days. You should check it out!) #thefactsoflife #lisawhelchel #enneagram #typology

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Grateful to get to work with this guy, @kippergraymusic. So excited for the songs we worked on today... it is such a great experience to have your son offer ideas that are better than yours

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I got to write with the master today, my old friend @thejasoningram. I’ve written some of my favorite songs with him: “More Like Falling In Love,” “Nothing Is Wasted,” “With Every Act of Love,” “Laugh Out Loud” (which I am still disappointed didn’t become a become a smash hit), “Good To Be Alive,” and “Remind Me Who I Am,” to name a few. A couple of weeks ago we wrote a song called “True North” and today we wrote “Fight For You.” I’m excited to share them with you .

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Words (and music) with friends. I have had song writing collaborations scheduled every day of this month and it has been one of the most creative seasons of my life. The theme of today’s song was about how the love of God comes to us more often than not through others. I felt that love in the room today with these friends

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If you go to this website, click on the thing that I circled and then click on “listen“ you can listen to a live broadcast of our concert tonight! I am hoping to debut a new song called “True North”— which may be foolish because it is so new that I barely know it, but… I like to live on the edge sometimes . We start at 7! Up first, @_hannahkerr

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I got to sit in the cool kids row on my flight this morning. That is Brian Haley to my right who is the drummer for TobyMac and who I got to tour with several years ago. He is one of the best, most generous hearted guys around and the founder of his new inspired adventure @weare1movement, promoting unity and reminding people that we are not meant to “compete with each other, but that we are meant to complete each other.” Beautiful. And of course on the far end is my friend and right hand man Spencer Ford, who in addition to all of the cool things I’ve told you about him, his latest act of awesomeness is that he chose to build me a pedalboard on his day off just because I needed one, and without me asking. #drummers #coolkids

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Sometimes I install the door I built

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We’re coming to Canada! Website for buying tickets is:
Feb. 23- Calgary- First Alliance church
Feb 24 - Red deer - New Life Fellowship church
Feb 25- Edmonton- Evangel Assembly church

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Coffee: ☑️. Coordinated uniforms: ☑️. Super cool song written: ... well… I guess that will be up to you to decide, but I am very excited for you to hear the one we wrote today
Grateful for talented, authentic, good hearted writing companions and friends like @colbywedge and @ethanhulse.

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I can’t tell if I think this is wonderful, weird, or a sign of the impending apocalypse...

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In a vegan restaurant for lunch and “We Are The World” is legit playing in the background. #basic

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So grateful I got to work with my old friend @thesethmosley of @officialfcmusic, whose name has become synonymous with “ hard-working,” “competent,“ “generous,”— and the man has hustle! Every bit of wisdom he earns he gives away and creates community in his wake. He’s also one of the most successful writers and producers in our industry. I’m grateful I get to call him my friend and that he lets me write songs with him

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