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  • circusBarcelona, Spain
    My Background Circus Artist Clown, Musician, Andreu Rivels Familia.
    I M INTP-A Autodidact multi interdisciplinary ARTIST

    and libre penseur, Jedi, my Philosophy No limmit,
    The Sky's it The Limit.
    my Art Experimental, my music Experimental Clsical-Jazz/ Soundtrack/ Electronical sound mélange

    my Country I believe ! The Planet earth.

    for me is Music one of the most intelligent art we have on this planet to tell something, Music is like language.
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  • I M Autodidact multi interdisciplinary Artist Libre Penseur, my Life motivation is Where we come from - where are we going !
    where we going ! can we ask the right question ! meaning of life ! ! is that all !
Favorite Quotes
  • tranquillo ! el más aya es la frontera ! y la capacidad de la imaginación.
    Johnny Rivel

    creo que era t.huxley que dicho
    lo que nossotros llamamos la verdad lo que simbre sea esto ! no para de existir solamente por que no ce habla mas sobre ella.