The new and improved JA Finance Park!
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently endorsed JA Finance Park at a Town Hall meeting.
You too can make a difference - Volunteer with Junior Achievement today!

We are gearing up for this weekend's Virginia Entrepreneurial Challenge! This event is part of the JA Student Venture program, sponsored by Accenture.
Students will be using critical thinking skills, creativity and teamwork to come up with AMAZING products and services!
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Happy President’s Day! Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt was blind in his left eye due to an injury in a boxing match? Check out other fun facts about this holiday here:

Kids learn about President's Day and read a list of fun and interesting facts about the Presidents of the United States.

Junior Achievement helps students with their future careers. Are you sending out your resume? You might want to double check that it doesn’t have any of these 6 words that may get it tossed in the trash!

6 Words to Remove From Your Resume - The Muse: Because you're not wowing anyone with "utilize."

Money seems to be on everyone’s mind, but is it on your kid’s mind? Junior Achievement loves teaching the young generation about it, so be sure to check out this article on introducing your kids to the value of money!

What sort of financial knowledge are your kids ready for?|By NBC News

Is managing your debt becoming a task that feels out of control? Don’t worry! Check out these ideas on how to feel in control of your student loan debt.

What are some different ways that people with large student loans can manage their debt? This question was originally answered on Quora by Andrew Josuweit.

Junior Achievement wouldn’t be where we are today without our volunteers! A lot of other projects rely on volunteers to be sustainable as well, so it is key to understand these 4 lessons for volunteer retention!

Stephanie Denning from the University of Bristol shares her experience of managing a volunteer-run charity project to research what motivates people to volunteer

JA Student Venture and the Virginia Entrepreneurial Challenge, sponsored by Accenture, give students the tools needed to pursue entrepreneurship. Find out more here:…/ja-centralva/ja-programs

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Check out our latest newsletter - Find out more about #BowlForJA, #JAStudentVenture sponsored by Accenture, the INCREDIBLE (we may be biased) #JACareerCenter sponsored by Virginia529, our #JAFutureLaureate scholarship competition...Too much exciting information for a Facebook post - You have to read it!

A rising number of college students are opting to launch their own startups. Are you one of them? Here are a few startup ideas for college students looking to make a few extra bucks!

With debt and underemployment plaguing college grads, it's important to get careers started early. Here are 6 business ideas for college students.

Job hunting isn’t easy, especially if you’re a student. How do you get a job when you don’t have experience? This article will teach you how to move any job search forward (even if you’re feeling hopeless).

You may feel that you have no accomplishments but that doesn't mean that everyone else necessarily agrees with you.

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THANK YOU to The West Richmond Rotary Club and Nutzy's Rotary Funn Run for their generous donation to JACV at this morning's JACV Board meeting!
Pictured here are JACV Board member, Matthew Schaaf with Xenith Bank, John Coor, Tom Wood, and JACV president & CEO, Daphne B. Swanson.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! This day isn’t just for couples, so here’s a list of 30 creative gift ideas for anyone you love that will also save you money in your pocket:

Choose anyone of these simple yet adorable DIY Valentine Boxes ideas and surprise your loved ones. Follow the tutorial to learn a complete direction.

What a coincidence...
JA Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond!
We are excited to be invited to tell their employees all about JACV, our events, and volunteer opportunities. We are so thankful for their continued support! #volunteer #cupcakes

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The Virginia Entrepreneurial Challenge is coming soon! This one-day entrepreneurial student-team competition is a big part of JACV's JA Student Venture program. Sponsored by Accenture, participants get so much out of the program. But don't take it from us...check out what one of last year's participants and winning team member, Ivan Jackson had to say:

Ivan Jackson, member of the 2017 winning team, discusses the Virginia Entrepreneurial Challenge.

It’s Mardi Gras! How well do you actually know this holiday? Here are the top 10 things you need to know!

Do you know the meaning of krewe? Or where to get one-of-a-kind beads? Here you will find 10 things to know about Mardi Gras to make your Carnival the best!