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About Jaye
  • I am a social well rounded individual who enjoys life and everything positive in it. I realize that in order to receive you must be willing to give so I share my time with those who are important to me. I am an asset and not a liability and once you are my friend you have a friend in me for life. I don't consider myself god's gift but my heart is as good as they come. I believe if you are not part of the solution then you a part of the problem and as long as you have a choice then all things are possible. I am hear to make my mark on this world and leave it in a better place than it was before I got here..
Favorite Quotes
  • If it aint broke don;t fix it...

    Aman is not measured by what he has in wealth , fortune and fame, but the likeness inwhich he sees himself and how he prepares them for the future...