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  • 7 years on and I am pretty sure now that I have had the best years of my life.over 40 years with just the most loving handsome fit man has spoilt me for-ever.Rich was a pro-footballer and brilliant sportsman.He played for Aldershot.Sheffield Wednesday and Newport county.We had a lovely happy life and then a bastard desease called Acute Myloid Luekemia took him away from me,the children and the Grandchildren.Doesnt take long to discover once you on your own you are looked upon in a different light by some who you once thought were your freinds.Thank God for my two bad boy dogs(and one skinny rescue babe) My biggest Thankyou goes to my belief in Angels-you just gotta have some kind of faith in this life and they are mine.I am glad they here to protect me because I am dizzy and dotty and have been on the edge of making some big,big mistakes-I thank F/book for putting me in touch with people mainly from my past.Also the guys who Played along side Rich in his Football days.I have also found some lovely new freinds through social media and also some who I thought were really great people and turned out not to be at all - I can wake up on monday and life is a bitch then two days later I wake up and am glad I am still on this planet. my f/book is like a diary some days and yes sometimes I write utter rubbish but I do not give a tinkers toss.Amen
Favorite Quotes
  • what goes round comes around
    one door closes another door opens
    where there is life there is hope