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  • Co OwnerApril 2002 to presentMarket Weighton
    Fifty-One Plus (more usually Fifty-One PlUS) is a registry for organizations, websites and individuals worldwide who support or who are otherwise open to civilized discussion about trying to make the United States a bigger and better country by bringing new geographic areas into the Union as states.
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Favorite Quotes
  • Be warned, I have the most refined tastes imaginable and adore only the wholesomest of characters!

    From Hollywood:

    "Shazam! Goddamn!" (Henry J. Jackson, "Across 110th Street")

    "Why's he lying like that? Didn't his momma never teach him not to lie?" (Slim Grissom, "The Grissom Gang")

    "Ol' Beaumont, he just ain't of a doing-time kind of disposition." (Ordell Robbie, "Jackie Brown")

    "I'm Godzilla. You're Japan!" (Critical Bill, "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead")

    "Mess with me, and you'll rather be someplace trying to p*** a kidney stone out through your h***-on!" (Captain Michael Brennan, "Q & A")

    And, to round off this delicate little collection, one from the world of letters:

    "There upon the bed, before that whole company, there lay a loathsome, an almost liquid mass of detestable putridity." (Edgar Allan Poe, "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar")