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  • You woke up out of your deep cosmic sleep and opened your eyes and looked around for a brief moment in time and smiled. You'll return back to sleep now,this time for eternity.Sweet dreams -JI
Favorite Quotes
  • Astronomy certainly has me hooked.I'm talking about the immensities of the universe,not just the distances,but the number of stars,that there are,stars like our Sun,the possibility that there are other stars like our Sun,with planets,some of which might be inhabitable,some of which might be inhabited,so the idea that maybe we're not alone in the universe.The concept that our Sun will not be around forever.That one day it will begin to die and the Earth will become uninhabitable.
    So we are transient people here,we are not here permanently,we cannot be here permanently.We will have to climb into space ships and go explore the universe and find another place to live.
    - Jocelyn Bell-Burnell

    Oh, wearisome condition of humanity,
    Born under one law, to another bound;
    Vainly begot, and yet forbidden vanity,
    Created sick, commanded to be sound.
    —FULKE GREVILLE, Mustapha

    And do you think that unto such as you
    A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew
    God gave a secret, and denied it me?
    Well, well—what matters it? Believe that, too!

    Peacefully they will die, peacefully they will expire in your name, and
    beyond the grave they will find only death. But we will keep the secret,
    and for their own happiness we will entice them with a heavenly and eternal reward.

    It is a horrible idea to think that there is somebody who owns us, who makes us, who supervises us, waking and sleeping, who knows our thoughts, who can convict us of thought crime, just for what we think, who can judge us while we sleep for things that might occur to us in our dreams, who can create us sick, as apparently we are, and then order us on pain of eternal torture to be well again. To demand this, to wish this to be true is to wish to live as an abject slave

    We can all understand how a man forgives offenses against himself. You tread on my toes and I forgive you, you steal my money and I forgive you. But what should we make of a man, himself unrobbed and untrodden-on, who announced that he forgave you for treading on other men's toes and stealing other men's money? Asinine fatuity is the kindest description we should give of his conduct. Yet this is what Jesus did. He told people that their sins were forgiven, and never waited to consult all the other people whom their sins had undoubtedly injured. He unhesitatingly behaved as if He was the party chiefly concerned, the person chiefly offended in all offenses.