My little guy dancing. Makes me smile every time:)
I have big news! But I'm not quite ready to share it. But I will give you a hint. Actually, the hint comes from my handsome husband. Any guesses as to what my big news might be?
Is there anything sweeter than a dog greeting a friend he hasn't seen in a while?

I'm writing today! Determined to finish King's Highlander this month. I REALLY want to release it in May.

I'm using this image for inspiration. This is how I imagine Magnus as he heads into battle.

Wish me luck!

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For a glimpse into my life as I participate in the reading circle on Germany's LovelyBooks. I am gettig excellent feedback from my readers on Ich wünsch mir einen Highlander.

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Posted by Jessi Gage
Jessi Gage

In Washington state right now


You guys, you GUYS!

I'm so excited. I have SO MUCH going on right now.

You know my contemporary romances? (You probably don't because they don't sell very well) Well, with the help of the amazingly talented Teresa Conner - Wolfsparrow Publishing I'm giving this whole series about rough&tough heroes a makeover!I cannot WAIT to share these beautiful covers with you.


Along with the makeover of my contemporary romances, i'll have some swag made up that I can share with you all. It's going to be so COOL. You just WAIT.

Also, I'm interacting with some wonderful German readers in a reading circle on LovelyBooks (their Goodreads). I'm getting some good feedback on the German translation of my Highland Wishes series.

This is a super busy time, and I'm so thankful for all of you cheering me on.

Stay tuned for pretties! I'll have to throw together some kind of giveaway to celebrate. What do you think should be the main prize? Show me with an image or gif.

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I've been hinting at big news for a few weeks now. I've finally made a big announcement... in my newsletter.

Are you subscribed? If not, I'll gladly share my BIG NEWS with you, but first, go subscribe so you don't miss anything:


Now for my news:
1. I make a big announcement on my website:

2. I have some pretties!
Thanks to Teresa Conner I have a beautiful new logo!
Thanks to I have a new cover!

You can see both here:

So, my secrets are out. I hope you found them satisfying.
Let me know your thoughts, especially you German speakers out there!


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I've always wondered about this! Good to know.

Well this is an interesting read!

The male body of Ancient Greece is ample, firm, and muscular—so why weren’t these same aesthetic ideals applied to the penis?

You guys, I am sitting on not one but TWO new covers that I can NOT wait to show you. The anticipation is killing me.

What am I waiting for?
1. I need to get closer to finishing Highland Wishes book 4 before marching out the awesome cover &
2. For the other cover, I need to figure out a fun way to do the reveal. Any ideas?

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Today's professional activities consist of international banking, print formatting, and emailing. In other words, I'm in my happy place. (Yes, sadly, I love this stuff).

I have big news! But I'm not quite ready to share it. But I will give you a hint. Actually, the hint comes from my handsome husband.

Any guesses as to what my big news might be?

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Jessi Gage

Making Christmassy coffee copies today. Wish I could be writing but it's hard with kids home and beautiful snow falling outside. Crocheting is a close second, though, on my list of fun things to do.

Surprise! You get a selfie today!

Because I've had a shower in the last 24 hrs (not usually the case) and my hair looks decent.

Say hello with your own selfie (or some other image of your morning).

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'Tis the season...
to sneak writing time whenever I can!

I stayed home from church this morning with my poor sick 6yo and am writing while he's resting in my bed. We're also watching Home Alone and having a nice time hanging out.


I wasn't sure how productive I would be, but I've already got 1,000 words down. Still going strong! Maybe today will be that awesome writing day I've been craving!

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Jessi Gage

I have the best fans in the world. I just need to throw a massive, hug-encased shout-out to the people who made me smile this week.

Thank you DanaStoreyCrenshaw @hollersnob, Michele Engebretson, Barbara E. Towle, Patti Kilcullen, Janice Whiteaker, Maddie Wilkinson Gurr, & Mina Waldron

You guys!

I ordered the cover for KING'S HIGHLANDER yesterday!

I can't wait to see it. I love Damonza's work. They are the best EVER cover artists!


So, looking at the three Highland Wishes covers I have, what item do you think I'll feature on the new cover? It's set in the wolf world and is largely about King Magnus.

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So, just in case you want a sneak peek at The King's Highlander, I thought I'd mention here that I posted one in the awesome-fun-times reading group I share with a few other wonderful authors.

If you're not already a member of the Saucy Scribblers Reading Group, what are you waiting for? Go ask to join. Then you can see what King Magnus is up to.

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Progress is being made. The King's Highlander is coming together easier than any other book I've ever written. I'm telling you. These ideas are flowing, and they are SO cool!

You are going to love this one. I'm looking at a early 2018 release.

Send me fast writing mojo!

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