Portland Timbers Ring of Honor - Jimmy Conway and John Bain

Noeleen and my wife, Linda, attended the Oregon chapter of the Alzheimer's Association's awards night last week.

The ceremony was held on board a river boat and all present were treated to food and drinks while watching the 'Christmas Boats' on the Willamette river. A great Portland Christmas tradition.

Noeleen was presented with a plaque on behalf of the 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' team as the largest 'Friends & Family' team in last year's walk with more than 50 team members....

Congratulations to all team members, those who made donations and everyone who supported our team.

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Today, Noeleen presented the “Jimmy Conway Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the OYSA AGM, to Jerry Boisvert, an incredible volunteer whose dedication to youth soccer is legendary and inspirational.

I had the honor of saying a few words about Jimmy’s contribution to the OYSA, soccer in the PNW and beyond.

We had the pleasure of listening to Portland Thorns NWSL Championship coach, Mark Parsons, who was the guest speaker at the awards luncheon.


Congratulations to the staff and volunteers at the OYSA for a well organized and enjoyable event and congratulations, once again to all of the awards winners!

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Oregon Youth Soccer Association is feeling proud at DoubleTree Hotel Portland.

What an incredible honor to witness Jerry Boisvert (center) from Lower Columbia Youth Soccer Association (Astoria) receive the Jimmy Conway Lifetime Achievement... Award today at our AGM.

Jerry is joined by (L-R) Dan Gaffney, LCYSA President, Kevin Cronin, Timbers Legend, Mick Hoban, Jimmy’s wife, Noeleen, (himself), his wife, Dodo, OYSA Board Member, Fergus Loughran, Tammy Loughran, and longtime friend, Bill Patterson.

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Here's a link to the Alan Shearer documentary recently broadcast on B.B.C. (Dementia, football and me).

Worth a watch if you haven't already already seen it.

Kudos to the B.B.C., Shearer, Dawn Astle and Noeleen for their advocacy and commitment to this cause.


Lots of research remains to get done. It's time for those football organizations with the responsibility and resources to take the lead.

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BBC Alan Shearer - Dementia, Football and Me - 12/11/2017 Documentary in which former England international footballer Alan Shearer investigates the potentia...

Great article by Eoin O'Callaghan. Comprehensive, insightful and caring.

The biggest thanks goes to Noeleen for the courage she has shown by sharing her emotions, experience and insights on this most difficult topic.

Thanks for sharing Noeleen.

Jimmy Conway, former Republic of Ireland international and best-known for his time with Fulham, has been battling dementia for a decade.

As we have heard from researchers in the NFL, we have to pay attention to sub-concussive as well as concussive blows in contact sports. American football, Rugby, Boxing and MMA are examples of contact sports where athletes in training and in matches are likely to suffer frequent sub-concussive blows.

In soccer, it may well be that many collisions, especially head-to-head, elbow-to-head and knee-to-head (forward on goalkeeper) may, also, be classified as sub-concussive blows.

Might heading the ball, under certain conditions, be accurately classified as a sub-concussive blow too?

Damage was suffered despite every player examined being free of concussion symptom

Thanks to Tim Birr for sharing this story with us.

I applaud Doyle's decision.

I look forward to much-needed, comprehensive research on this topic as it may guide us to safer protocols, training methods and, possibly, modifications to the 'Laws of the Game' which better safeguard the long-term health of players.

Kevin Doyle’s retirement on medical grounds because heading was causing persistent headaches shows that problems did not go away when heavy leather balls were phased out

The ownership group at Sporting Kansas City (MLS), along with key partners, are doing a great job at positioning Kansas City, Kansas as a center for soccer in the U.S.

Let's hope that their research leads to some breakthroughs related to concussions in sports, including soccer.

“Working alongside Children’s Mercy, it’s our ambition to make the NTCDC the concussion headquarters of the country when it comes to sports,” said North, who sees the facility as an ideal place for specialized concussion testing and research.

The newest crown jewel of American soccer is taking shape right here in Kansas City, Kansas. The construction of the National Training and Coaching Development Center fulfills a vision shared by Sporting Club, U.S. Soccer and Children’s Mercy to build a first-class environment to develop elite

Well, after a wonderful event, our team has raised $9,380. More than 50 members of the 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' team walked in honor of Jimmy at P.I.R. on Sunday, Sep 10th. The photo, attached, shows some of our team before the event.

We are 2nd in team donations behind a team that pushed the bar higher than any previous team has done. A win-win for the Alzheimer's Association and a sincere 'congratulations' to Wendy's Walkers from our team.

The fund-raising program stays o...pen until Dec 31st this year and so the Association will be accepting donations until then.

On behalf of Noeleen, the Conway family and all members of our team I'd like to say 'thanks' to everyone who has supported us this year.

Seeing so many members of the soccer community rallied behind Jimmy's banner, marching to the sound of Tim Birr's bagpipes is a stirring experience and this year's walk was one to remember.

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Each year some members of our team take it upon themselves to raise funds for our 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' team by soliciting donations from family, friends and work-mates. In doing so, they help to spread the word about this initiative.

For the past few years Lane Scheideman has led these fund-raising efforts on behalf of our team.

Note: Other, individual donors, have contributed similar/greater amounts but, the focus, here, is on those who solicit donations from others a...nd, in doing so, spread the word about our team and our cause.

Lane, is very modest about his achievements but I hope you'll join me in saying 'thanks' to Lane and others for their selflessness.

He donates and/or walks, each year, in honor of his father Peter and his grandfather, Gordon and, is glad to support our 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' team.

Congratulations and thanks, Lane.

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A 'shout-out' to Don Pollock. Don was one of the original investors in Oregon Soccer Inc, the organizing group for the original Timbers franchise formed in 1975. He also served as Timbers President during some of those early years.

Don and his wife, Gail (R.I.P.) personally made members of those early Timbers teams welcome at their home and went out of their way to make our transitions to Portland as smooth as possible.

I had lunch with Don last week and he made a very gen...erous donation to our 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' team and cause - the Alzheimer's Association. He did so, as he always does - quietly, with no fuss and with great respect.

If he knew I was singing his praises he'd not be too happy but knowing what good friends he and Gail (R.I.P.) have been to the Conway family and many Timbers families over the years, I think it's only fitting that we 'tip our hat' to a genuine gentleman/couple who have helped so many of us, Timbers, over the years.

Thanks, Don and Gail (R.I.P.)

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I've chosen a few photos, and there are many, to illustrate the sense of fun, love and community evident at yesterday's walk - with Noeleen at the heart of it all.

Noeleen greeted, walked (not easy in a brace), laughed and shared fond memories with all she met.

It was great seeing friendships and acquaintances renewed and made and it was great knowing that the reason everyone was there was to pay respect to Jimmy for how he connected with everyone in the soccer community, family and friends.

Yesterday, during the walk, I noticed a congratulatory sign bearing my name as a member of the 'Grand Champions Club' for having raised ~$5,000 in donations. Today, I'd like to thank everyone who paid respect to Jimmy by donating to the Alzheimer's Association via my personal page.

These people are: David Cook, Don Pollock, Kevin Kinley, Vivien Betts, Fernando Proano, Jennifer/Paul Conway, Michael Harwood, Don Cox, Charlotte Kocher, Tracy Madsen, Jon Bullock, Dom/Sue Yambasu..., Samuel Baxter, Kenny Thomson, Trent Tokos, Dennis O'Meara, Robert Wilmot, David Koch, Rob/Kay Hill, Dave/Pat Nicholas, Jim Poff, Brian/Sue Gant, Cody/April/Harper/Lennon Goldberg, Norm Myhr, Richard Nightingale, Joe Holloway Sr, John Polis and Warren Mersereau.

To all of the above - your name should have been on the 'Grand Champions Club' sign too, as you were the ones who donated and supported my efforts for the Association.

I am blessed to have such good friends and associates. I thank you for your selfless spirit.

Best wishes

Michael 'Mick' Hoban

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Fans of Jimmy Conway added 57 new photos to the album: Walk to End Alzheimer's 2017.

Photos taken of members of the 'Friends of JImmy Conway' team at Portland, International Raceway, Sunday September 10th, 2017

Here are the details for the upcoming 'Walk to End Alzheimer's' for our 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' team:

Date - Sunday, September 10th

Location - Portland International Raceway


Time: Walk starts at 12:00 noon

Parking: A $5 'donation' is suggested for parking at P.I.R.

Registration: Registration is required (including children) and can be done online (see below) before the event or at the event (both free of charge). Registration, at the event, starts at 10:00 am.

Check-In: All walkers must check-in at the event

Team details: We will assemble behind the registration area - you will be able to spot us by our 'Jimmy Conway' banner (see photo attched to this post). Our team will start to meet-up at 11:00 am and will take a team photo at ~11:30 am.

Strollers: Strollers are allowed

Walk distance: 1.9 miles on P.I.R. track

Team attire: Please wear a soccer jersey or t-shirt (club, national team, player etc.) or another approprite top. Wear comfortable/appropriate shoes for a 2 mile walk.

Donations: Donations can be made on the day and should be attributed to our 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' team. Also, you can still register and/or donate via the link provided below.

Weather: Weather is, typically, hot and the organizers provide hydration stations spread around the P.I.R. track.

Note: You may wish to check the local weather forecast for weather advisories related to air quality as this has been an issue lately.

I will be next to our banner, starting at 11:00 am and so, please, say 'Hi' (I'll have a Timbers jersey on).

We look forward to seeing everyone this upcoming Sunday.

Mick Hoban
Team Captain
Friends of Jimmy Conway

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Friends of Jimmy Conway has joined the fight to end Alzheimer's. Donate today and help us reach our goal.

With 9 days to go until the 'Walk to End Alzheimer's' we have registered ~30 team members and raised $5,660 in donations bringing our total donations raised, since 2009, to ~ $86,000.

Thanks to everyone for their incredible support.

Let's just make one last push before the event to ensure that we've done our best to let Jimmy and Noeleen know that we respect the work that Jimmy has done and support the efforts of the Alzheimer's Association as they try to create 'A world wi...thout Alzheimer's.

I will be posting and emailing instructions to members of the 'Friends of Jimmy Conway' walk team by Wednesday of next week. Stay tuned for details.

Here's to a successful 'final push'.

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Friends of Jimmy Conway has joined the fight to end Alzheimer's. Donate today and help us reach our goal.

Throwback Thursday again.

Faith, family, friends, football and fun. If there is a simple way to encapsulate Jimmy's life it would be in these, simple, five words and that is why I have chosen a photo taken at Jimmy's testimonial in August 2010, showing members of the Conway family in attendance, celebrating Jimmy's illustrious career.

It warmed everyone's heart that night to see Jimmy and Noeleen in the environment they love the best, surrounded by their family and friends.

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I will be posting details for our 'Walk Team' next week. Stay tuned for details. The walk is on Sunday, Sep 10th.