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  • On February 1, 2014, Joe seriously injured his neck while wrestling for Castle View High School. X-rays and MRIs confirmed that Joe broken his neck. The C5-C6 vertebra dislocated, were no longer connected, and were putting significant pressure on the spinal cord. Emergency surgery was the only option. When Joe went into surgery, he was unable to move very much of his body below his neck. He could not even shrug his shoulders. 5+ hours later the doctor said that he had realigned the vertebrae and fused them (front and back). He considered the surgery to be successful. How much nerve function will return is to be seen. The morning after surgery, Joe was was able to shrug his shoulders and move his arms a bit. He can not move his fingers and his hands are essentially numb and tingly. The numbness diminishes to 0 at about his biceps. He can feel sensations/pressure below mid chest, but has no movement there yet. Joe moved to Craig Rehabilitation Hospital on February 10. The transformation at Craig was amazing. Joe arrived in a hospital bed, unable to sit in a wheelchair for more than 30 minutes. When he was discharged on April 16, he had graduated from a bed to motorized wheelchair to manual wheelchair. Joe can and does spend 12 - 14+ hours per day in his manual wheelchair. Joe is currently undergoing outpatient therapy at Craig three days per week plus a day or two of lifting. Joe will graduate from Castle View High School on May 21 and will attend Oregon State University stating in September 2014. Please continue to pray for Joe and his recovery/rehabilitation/healing.
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