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Heather Bupp Larsen
· February 10, 2018
My first time there and the food was amazing and the service was just as great! We had several staff, including the owner, come check on us and visit throughout the meal. We were there with our 13 son, who was not quiet, and felt very at home and welcomed! We will definitely be back soon!! See More
Deb Raney
· January 13, 2018
My lasagna was cold, the blue cheese salad dressing tasted like mayo, the little pizza was okay. I will not be returning! The greeter at the beginning was nice. My waitress very inattentive, did not r...eturn once during my meal to ask if everything was okay. See More
Lori Robin Wilson
· January 29, 2018
When you find a restaurant like Joeseppi’s with delicious food, a warm friendly atmosphere and kind and efficient people, you KNOW you will keep coming back again and again. The meatballs and sausage ...on the Happy Hour Menu were scrumptious! JoAnna our waitress handled the entire bar diners all by herself and yet we were never really ignored or kept waiting! Wow! My husband had cheese tortellini with meat sauce and it was VERY good! The owner even came around to greet us which was very nice. Love this place. I’m glad I ignored the less than glowing reviews on YELP. We had a fabulous experience at a terrific price with good beers 🍻. Can’t wait to go back! See More
Jennifer Lobrie
· October 6, 2017
Fresh made Italian food. The mozzarella sticks are the best. Nice atmosphere, great staff and amazing food. I used to live next door to Mama Stortini and have known Joe my whole life. Love that he to the table to say hello and check in with all of the diners. See More
Clyde Cerda
· August 13, 2017
We stopped here as a last resort after not wanting to wait 1 hr at another restaurant. We were seated right away and had incredibly fast service. The appetizers were huge! The amount of food for the e...ntrees was very generous as well. To keep this short, one of the best restaurants I've had in Washington. We definitely have a new favorite place to eat. Great food and awesome staff. See More
Courtney Elizabeth
· October 19, 2017
We came for dinner for my husbands 31st birthday! Family friendly, good food and great company! Mr. Joe came and sat down with us to chat && thank us for coming into the restaurant! It’s in the detail...s like that, that keep me coming back! Thanks for a great experience! See More
JoLynn Kirkham-Jones
· February 28, 2018
Love this place! Delicious food, great customer service and a bonus get to visit with Joe too:)
Karen Kaare Gimse
· January 15, 2018
Love the restaurant and the food but the best part of all is being able to see and talk with Mr. Joe Stortini
Carol Toulouse Brusa
· October 19, 2017
We were with friends to celebrate their 42 anniversary at our mutually favorite restaurant. The food was so freshly prepared and delicious with good Italian flavors.
Charity Haner
· May 1, 2017
Let me just say first off i have never been at this establishment before last night. We went to celebrate my daughters 21st birthday, I called earlier in the day and made a reservation for 12. We were... seated immediately, and this is where it went downhill from there. Drink orders were taken but not everyone in the party of 12 was asked what they wanted, it took over 30 minutes to get the drinks that were ordered. only half the table got drinks or water refills. My son who had ordered a drink had to re-order because the bar forgot to make it.
we ordered appetizers that came out 20 minutes before our dinner. which took almost two hours to get to the table. we watched as other parties seated around us after we had arrived get their appetizers, food and bills and leave. But we were a big group and were enjoying each others company so we didn't raise a fuss. when the food came it was sub-par, lukewarm and the noodles were dry from sitting for so long. The only person that truly enjoyed his dinner was my dad who ordered the rib eye and i can attest that it was delicious. when we went to pay we inquired about the military discount and was told that they do not have one, if you look at the joesseppis website for daily specials it specifically says that sunday is military appreciation day with a 15% discount to which the waitress had to get a managers approval to give the discount. The waitress never came back to the table to ask if we enjoyed the food and seemed like she was lost serving a table with so many people. There was a service charge that was added which we inquired about and were told that it was gratuity that was added because of the size of the party but additional tipping was appreciated.
I was looking forward to some good authentic italian food but for what i payed and the lackluster service i could have gone to olive garden and had the same experience, paid the same amount and gotten endless breadsticks which we were told you get one per person per entree..
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Jeremy Ghea
· March 25, 2017
Easily the best Italian food I have had in YEARS! The service is spectacular and hilarious to boot. The owner actually took a minute to talk to us.

And the food...Perfect. It's rightly seasoned, not... overly seasoned; which is rare. The Scillian sausage soup, garlic cheese bread, and the best spaghetti with meat sauce. Get the meatball on the side is superb.

I would move to Tacoma to go to this place.
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Stephen Douglas Satterwhite
· December 13, 2017
I have always enjoyed this Place! The service was great Like always. Thank you
Ivy Simpson Bolm
· February 14, 2017
We have been to this restaurant several times now including a wedding reception. Each time Joe greeted us and we were provided adequate service and great food. Tonight was a disaster and put a dampe...r on our Valentines celebration. We were waited on by Melissa whom I understand is a family member of Joes. Not that it should have made any difference. We sat down at our table to enjoy the four course Valentine dinner. The wait staff asked what our voices for all the courses were without even showing us the options. I asked that I have a glass of wine with our appetizer before we make a selection. She left and came back about five minutes later, without my wine or appetizers and again asked for our selections. I repeated my previous request. Someone else brought our bruschetta and no wine for twenty minutes. We choked down our appetizer and then she brought me a glass of wine with our soup and salad. We ordered our prime rib medium rare. After two glasses of wine our entree arrived. "Bleu". We asked that it be cooked just a little longer. After another 20 minutes our entree arrived well done. Since we were now hungry and upset that the entrees were served not to our liking and that the appetizer plates and soup and salad plates were still on our table we declined to have them prepare another dish. We were then served our desert while we were eating our entree and then given our bill while eating our desert. HORRIBLE service. We asked to speak to Joe who listened to our story and offered nothing more than it was
his grand daughter or waited on us.

Who cares. I didn't go there because of his family lineage. We wanted to celebrate this day with a nice dinner.

Yeah ...... probably not the place to go on a special day
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Christina Berg
· November 17, 2016
Joe is such a kind and helpful person :-) we came in to try his restaurant out before we have our wedding reception dinner here. Being raised in an Italian family, it is hard to find a good quality It...alian place, I have to say this place is amazing ! Can't wait to come back for our wedding dinner, and many more times afterwards ! See More
Steven Angell
· February 15, 2017
Wait for food was terrible especially since the waiter disappeared. The prime rib was sliced thinner then roast beef and the server described it as "medium rarish" because even they could tell it was ...grossly overcooked. All of this could have been overlooked and chocked upped to a busy night but when an employee practical ly runs over my son with an arm load of dishes and then tells him this isn't a play ground. No I won be back. See More
Delany Perry
· November 5, 2017
Delicious food, kind owner, great beer! Very fun times!!
David Snyder
· February 14, 2018
If you are looking for a quiet dinner with your significant other DONT sit in the lounge.
Gwendolynne Cross
· August 2, 2017
Great service! Amazing food! Very surprised by beautiful interior. Portions were absolutely huge, as forewarned by our waiter. We love our first time at Joe's! Thank you!!! Now open one in Dupont, please.
Kristy Lynne
· August 13, 2017
The food was great , service was a wait for being so dead but well worth the wait once the food was served.. I'd go back
Lisa Magaway-Pearson
· March 1, 2017
Always welcoming and consistent Italian dishes! The lasagna has lots of layers, the freshly made Pesto sauce with linguine is tasty too! Also enjoyed the Clam sauce from my sis' plate! Only dissapoint...ment was the Tarimisu...tasted more like a cake than the traditional Taramisu that's soaked in "sauce". Otherwise, very enjoyable! See More

Any servers looking for a couple extra shifts a week???

Cannelloni dinner special tonight!!!! Don’t miss out best in Tacoma!!!

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