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Favorite Quotes
  • Mayonaise colored benz, I drive miracle whips

    Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow

    What is today but yesterdays tomorrow.

    If ya aim is off dog you might miss me
    I'm I serial killa nigga I pop like rice crispies.

    I'm so sick you can tell by the expression on my face
    that I'll get in the ass like preparation H.
    Weapons on the waist so I spray guns off
    and if its beef i'm on top of it like A one sauce.
    pause, now who da truth me
    who quick to shoot me
    my four fifth got kick like bruce lee

    A nigga like you is destined to live the rest of his lifestyle broke.
    The only reason you even breathin is because the lifestyle broke.

    Yo nigga I'll rip ya heart from under ya breast, ya breast from under ya chest, ya chest from under ya vest, and ya vest from under ya dress.

    I'm married to the game but I got a pre-nupt
    so if the bitch act up I'm still gettin my cut