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  • Producer1990 to present
  • Grammy Nominated, Gold Record ProducerRaleigh, North Carolina
    Worked in: Dave Grohl's Studio 606 (Los Angeles), Electric Lady Studios (NYC), Muscle Shoals Sound (Alabama), Kingsway Studios (New Orleans), Sony Studios (NYC), The Power Station (NYC), Criteria Studios (Miami), Triclops Studios (Atlanta), Baby Monster Studios (NYC), Brenden O'Brien's Southern Tracks Studios (Atlanta), Jonathan Elias' Vision Sound Studios (NYC), Westwood One Studios (Los Angeles), Tree Studios (Atlanta), Jag Studios (Raleigh), Trailblazers Studios (Raleigh), Reflection Studios (Charlotte), John Custer Recording Studios (Raleigh) etc. etc.
  • Artist Development1993 to 1997
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  • "Now you talk of the emptiness you feel everywhere, it is just the very thing I feel myself.

    Considering, if you like, the time in which we live a great and true renaissance of art, the worm-eaten official tradition still alive but really impotent and inactive, the new painters isolated, poor, treated like madmen, and because of this treatment actually becoming so, at least as far as their social life is concerned.

    Then remember that you are doing exactly the same work as these primitive painters, since you provide them with money and sell their canvases for them, which enables them to produce others. If a painter ruins his character by working hard at painting, a thing which leaves him useless for many other things, for family life, etc., etc., if therefore he paints not only with colours, but with self-denial and self-renunciation and with a broken heart - as far as you are concerned, your own work is not only no better paid than his, but it costs you exactly what the painter's cost him, this sacrifice of the individuality, half voluntary, half accidental." -Van Gogh