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FROM ZERO TO HEROJustin has ninety-nine problems, but a vampire ain't one.When Justin discovers he has super powers, life gets a lot more interesting. But as he learns the ropes of his new supernatural life, he soon realizes he's not alone.His parents are hiding dangerous secrets from h...
I'm curious, how many of you use Kindle Unlimited? Also, I created a slideshow just because...umm...yeah.
Taking the plunge!
Wonder how I come up with plot ideas? Here it is.

I think this sums it up.

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What's your favorite revenge story? Speaking of revenge, OC Book 10 is out in audio format.

The end is nigh. The last battle with Daelissa took a tremendous toll on the resistance. Elyssa is hanging onto life with the help of a preservation spell, and Daelissa has new elite troops ready to conquer Eden. Justin realizes the only way to save the woman he loves and his home realm is to tra...

Guess what dropped just in time for the weekend?

OVERWORLD OVERTHROWNVictus Edison controls the Overworld.On the run from wandslingers, bounty hunters, and the brutal magitsu master, Garkin, Conrad feels powerless to put an end to the nightmare. Nightliss, Ivy, and the other Seraphim they rescued from Victus's demon foundry can't use magic, and...

How many books do you typically read in a month? Depending on how much writing I've got on my plate, I can go through three books of moderate length.

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Last night I dreamed that Phyllis from The Office was shooting a brain with teeth from her mouth. It would latch onto people and turn them into brain zombies while covering them in slime. After a car full of my friends were turned to Phyllis zombies, I ran into a two story house, went upstairs, and performed parkour to escape.

But Phyllis had agents everywhere and they found me in Decatur Square. I jumped up on a car and started yelling. I said, "Help! There's a woman turning... people into zombies and she looks just like Phyllis from The Office!"

This got everyone's attention and we started rounding up the zombies. But we had to be careful not to let them puke brains on us, or they'd turn us to zombies too. Then Phyllis showed up and she glared at me. A brain protruded from her mouth, teeth glistening with slime.

Someone gave me a gun, and it was time to save the world. "You won't be Phyllin so good when I'm done with you!" I shouted. I charged towards my nemesis. Phyllis charged me.

Then my alarm went off and I woke up.

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What's your favorite way to read: Nook, Kindle, iPad, Paperback, or other? Also, coming soon:

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What do you prefer, audio books or reading? In other news, Wicked War of Mine is now available in audio!

Time for payback.... Daelissa's attack on Queens Gate dealt Justin and the resistance a serious blow. The loss of his home and one of their strongest allies seems to mean certain defeat. Justin isn't about to give up. He embarks on a mission to bring the houses of Daemos to his side and seeks hel...

Cool new trailer for the Overworld!

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What's your favorite kind of fantasy novel? Epic, urban, romance, thriller, etc.?

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If you could have a crossover between any two Urban Fantasy series, what would it be?

Tag your top 2 authors you think people should read next. Thanks to last week's question about new authors, I've added a lot to my reading list. Let's show other authors some love.

What's everyone reading lately? Any new authors you're loving?

Book 7 in the excellent Vesik series by Eric Asher is out!

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Eric R. Asher

Vesik 7, Witch Queen's War is live!

There's a turning point in every war, but I didn't expect this one to be in my front yard. Allies of the Fae king have moved... against the military stationed in Saint Charles. Our unsteady alliances are threatening to fracture, providing the water witches and vampires an opportunity to strike. With losses on both sides, things are far more dire than we realized, and the return of a long-forgotten enemy has made that clear. Thankfully, I know a very grumpy parrot.

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Good news! Conrad Edison and the Infernal Design is now available on Kindle Unlimited. This means that I'll have to pull it from B&N and iTunes because it has to be exclusive with Amazon to be on KU. Enjoy!
Get it here:

A DARK DESIGNWhen Conrad learns his father has perfected a way to create demonic clones of living people, he realizes it's only a matter of time before the Overworld falls once again to Victus.The Arcane Council is already in flux, and Max's father, Xander, is running for primus. If he wins, it w...