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Posts Podcast Topics of Discussion 3/2/18

• Brain Waves, Hang Overs, Scrambled Thinking, Hyper Sexuality
• I want to see what you are looking at, I want to see your online stream of conciousness, friends and biz partners, and I want to try and understand what you are thinking, what you know, what you are planning
• AI predicts the future, it reads your thoughts, it reads your intentions, AI captures data and can re-create the future...
• How to change your life, as a writer, how to give up what it is your are doing to focus on what matters most; whatever activities yield the most # of 1's per second, minute, hourly; sustainably. e.G. spamming
• Creating a Spam Non Profit organization to document and report on the identity of online spammers and creating new legislation within the Spam-Cam compliance act of 2003.
• What you are looking at on Youtube impact what it is you will see in the future; and predictive analytics is nothing more than spam for the human mind, trying to find the right dopamine and conciouss attention mix
• Youtube's predictive analytics for user behavior is constantly trying to calculate as you interact with the product, which video suggestion is most likely to get this user to click.
• Clicklytics, DopamineAds, InfiniteDopamineAds, DopamineContent, PredictiveAnalytics, PredictiveSuggestions, PredictSuggest
• Social Media Content Ad Ons - Twitter API products, auto creating content for business people, and information whores - too much information is not "great" takes away from Normalacy
• The landscape of the mind, and how companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Apple, and Samsung shape reality and create the future
• Flip Mode: how to flip the digital landscape; create instead of consume, the Johnny Depp approach to living life, true online Zen.
• Zen Digital, Zen Digital Content, Zen Philosophy of Profits, Zen the Future and You, Zen the Present and You
• Langauges and the future of communication between English, Hindi, and Mandarin business speaking people
• Why do people yell at one another, especially in the homes; why do children cry and scream? Chemical interactions, the poison of cigs, alcohol, and slothfulness
• Friday, Saturday, Sunday - what will you do to get the items on your to-do list eliminated? The Charles Schwab approach to task accomplishment. 5,4,3,2,1 Go! Go! Go!

John Z. Kitover

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Tue, Feb 27, 2018, 8:00 PM: Developers Meetup @ Pavillion (Business Center BLDG 41 - next to Hair Salon/UPS Store)Please bring: Pens/Paper, Cell Phones, Paper Copy of Resume, & Smiling Faces For a Gro

Developers Meetup @ Pavillion (Business Center BLDG 41 - next to Hair Salon/UPS Store)

Please bring: Pens/Paper, Cell Phones, Paper Copy of Resume, & Smiling Faces For a Group Selfie



8 PM CST – 8:15 PM CST Introduction

State the purpose of the MeetUp Group: To discuss software development, startups, job openings, what do you do at your job? To network, share tips, ideas, observations. ICE BREAKER: Everyone go around and introduce yourself (name, where you’re from, who you work for and what you do, and an interesting hobby or talent that you might have) Business Center BLDG 41

8:15 PM CST – 8:30 PM CST Case Study: Student.MBA

Manjul: The Vocab App, how you built it, it’s purpose, # of installs
John: Monetization (SDK) LeadBolt, Marketing (Blog, Videos, LinkedIn) & Venture Capital Investor

8:30 PM CST – 8:45 PM CST StartUp Ideas & Cloning Apps/Websites

Ask attendees, if you could clone an app, invest in a startup, or launch a startup, what would you create? 8:45 PM CST – 9 PM CST Last 15 Minutes – END OF MEETING:

Things you need help with? Are you looking for a new job? What programming skills are you interested in learning? What information would you like to teach the group? What would you like to see at the next meeting? Why did you come to the group? Any suggestions for future Meetups? Please take 5 minutes to fill out the suggestion/notes section of the Agenda handout.

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Feb 27 - Mar 205441 N East River Rd, Chicago, IL 60656-1109, United States