In May, a Public Policy Polling poll looking at a hypothetical election had Johnson at 42% support over Trump's 37%.

The right to protest peacefully is exactly the point.


Not that we particularly want Alex Jones on our side, but still...…/alex-jones-says-he-could-s…

It is an alarming sign for the president that Jones, who accurately sensed it would be smart to board the Trump Train, senses now that the time to get off could be approaching.


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Tom has significant business experience, yet he wasn't asked to be on President Trump's business council.

We're a little upset about this, because he would like to resign.

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Hatred has no place in this world. These lessons have been learned already, and the actions of white nationalists, supremacists, or any group that believes in oppression or hate simply won't be tolerated. Not now, and never again.

We have awesome poll numbers.

They are 23 and 42. We have no idea what that means, but we know they're awesome.

We're not on "vacation" either.

Fine. We will pay for the wall.

And by wall, we mean a midnight showing of a Pink Floyd movie.

When you say you're willing to lay down your life for your country, the response should not be, "show me your genitals."

If you serve, we thank you.

Tom Hanks would never politicize a speech in front of the Boy Scouts. He would, instead, lead a silly string war.

Just saying.

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Mr. Trump likes to call others names.

What names should we suggest he call us? Because, you know, we'd like to be helpful and get out in front of this!

We all remember when the news of Dwayne The Rock Johnson running for president broke a couple of months ago. Even though the actor only said this as some kind of a joke, some people

Neither of us met with Mr. Putin because neither of us were at the dinner.

One of us, however, was at Disneyland. Just to keep up with the trend of secrecy, we're not saying who.

I would golf more often, like our current President, but I really get frustrated trying to get past that damned windmill!

I'd rather work for the people.

America Needs Us!

In the spirit of full disclosure, we would like to be as transparent as possible and state that we love piroshki and Tom mixes a great White Russian.

За здоровье!