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Chicken: it's a sign
Gus2012: people don't give a shit about bassists, I'm a bassist and I don't even give a shit about myself.

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Jolly moors fans should look up "Pilots of Venus"
They're chill

For those who caught that whole conversation on the last post, I apologize. Such lack of professional showmanship should never be displayed in public. It's goes without say that emotions were heightened and tensions were wired. With that said, I would like to clarify a few issues that we've been facing.
We would have enjoyed continuing under the same name and page but a former member has issues with us using this page to continue promoting our band, he would have been fine w...ith us using the name but not the page. So here's the dilemma even if we kept the name we wouldn't have a page to properly promote our upcoming events or music without the possibility of being restrained or monitored by someone who isn't part of our band anymore.
We waited for him to delete the page as he said he would rather do but he didn't (obviously). So with that in mind we decided to continue our music under a different name to avoid anymore escalation with our former member. If anyone is interested or cares enough to view the conversation between us feel free to message me so I may send you the entire conversation and you may judge for yourself. This isn't a battle of us v.s. them nor are there any sides to take, this is just an issue over a page.

With nothing but best wishes.

-King Animal.

P.S. If you are interested in keeping up with us once again, you'll be able to keep in touch with us over at Eternal Feeling.

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Hello everybody, we really appreciate the support to get the band up and going again. Were sorry to say that an ex member is not allowing us to keep the name and page due to unknown reasons. We do appologize for this. You can still catch us with almost all the original members, with the same music. Here it is.

Eternal Feeling

One love.


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We just wanna fill the world with silly love songs.

Fuck it, guess who's back.

It is strange that this band has been gone for such a long time but still somehow gets likes for the page and asked to do shows. If you guys would still like to catch a small part and see so much life in a show, then you need to check out the brothers at Mangy Octopus. One love!

Jolly Moors playing Cloud Tree and Unique at the battle of the bands at Tricky falls.
Sometimes it's only madness that makes us what we are.

Check out these three bands born from Jolly Moors!!

Sahara Leos
Wall Dream

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