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No Cost VA Loans

[U.S. Veterans] NOW is your chance!


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No Cost VA Loans

The #TrumpTax Bill as currently proposed, repeals the #ObamaCare individual mandate.

Here is what you need to know, especially if you receive a Child Tax Credit or deduction for mortgage interest.




"All men dream, but not equally.
They who dream by night in the dark recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it is vanity.


But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they act out their dreams with open eyes to make them possible."

~ T.E. Lawrence

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Thank you to ALL Veterans and Military Servicemembers!
I am humbled by your service, and words cannot begin to show my appreciation for everything that you do for this Great Country. #USA
Happy Veterans Day! #VeteransDay2017

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Chris Urie

Today, and every day, we thank you for your service #VeteransDay2017 (Credit: YouTube Spotlight)

Very interesting analogy using beer and a bar tab to explain our current #taxsystem.

What are your thoughts?

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The Tax System explained, with Beer and a bar tab! (ABC News)
No Cost VA Loans

Beer and #taxes...who pays the tab? #TrumpTaxPlan

What do you think about this colorful analogy used by White House Press Secretary #SarahSanders to explain the current #taxsystem?

Sunrise colors over Kailua, another great photo from Eric at Eric Olson Realty!

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Eric Olson is at Kailua Beach Park.

Beautiful, crystal clear morning in Kailua!

More than meets the eye in housing data and interest rates this week.

Some weeks are fairly straightforward with one or two defining moments and clear takeaways in the economic data. This was not one of those weeks!

The yield on 10-yr US Treasuries (2.35%) is now 20 bps higher than the yield on European Junk Bonds (2.15%).

In the "I'm getting old" department.., a kid saw this and said, "oh, you 3D-printed the 'Save' Icon." ~ Bill Gross

4 Great Reasons Housing Has Room to Run

Rates have been doing more rising than falling recently. Home sales have leveled-off, and we're entering the slower time of year for the housing market. If you wanted to be pessimistic, you'd have evidence for your case. But how about an opposing argument?

Resilient Housing Data and Record Stock Prices Ahead of Long Weekend

While Columbus Day no longer marks a 3-day weekend for everyone, financial markets will be closed until Tuesday. It's not uncommon to see market volatility increase ahead of 3-day weekends and this one was no exception.

47 years ago, "Led Zeppelin III" was released.

On this day in 1954, Stevie Ray Vaughan was born in Dallas, Texas.

30 years ago, "Welcome to the jungle" was released.

The yield curve continues to flatten. Is a recession just around the corner?

Commercial credit in free-fall. M2 in steady decline. Fed rate hikes and QT = stronger $USD. Full employment, but no wage growth. Inflation?