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Understanding how bad guys reuse infrastructure will show you the areas of your network to target when investigating new threats and reiteration of old malware.

It's not a matter of "if" a breach will happen. It's a matter of "when" a breach will occur. Be prepared for the inevitable.

The research exposes the proliferation of bot-driven Web traffic and its impact on organizations’ application security
Using TOR to protect your #privacy.
Need a reason to stop storing your username and passwords in your Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome? Watch this video.
If you're using a public service, such as Dropbox or Box to store sensitive data, be sure to watch this video.

The talent shortage for IT Security/Cyber Security continues to be a huge challenge for employers. Talent demand is very strong, but the talent pool remains extremely limited.

Security analysts/investigators, application security specialists, and cloud security skills top a long list of skills deficits

Use extra precaution when opening Microsoft Office documents, especially any office documents that you receive from someone you don't know.

Microsoft Office Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2017-11882) Allows Hackers to Install Malware On Windows Computers Without User Interaction|By The Hacker News

A great example of how consumers are losing the battle of consumer privacy protection.

Behind many consumer websites, software companies track users' moves, potentially exposing personal information such as medical conditions or prescription-drug use.

Facebook wants users to upload nude photos as an effort to combat "revenge porn". Yup, you read that right. In other breaking news, polaroid cameras and film is about to make a strong comeback.

Pilot program goals are laudable, but is the remedy as bad as the ailment it treats?

Ransomware Hits LG Self-Service Kiosks Across South Korea, Possibly WannaCry…/ransomware-hits-lg-self…/

Representatives for LG South Korea said on Wednesday that a mysterious ransomware strain has infected self-servicing kiosks at various service...

New Disdain Exploit Kit Detected in the Wild…/new-disdain-exploit-kit-detec…/

The exploit kit landscape has been rocky since 2016, and we've observed several of the major players—Angler, Nuclear, Neutrino, Sundown—take a dip...

PowerPoint Slide Show Files Used to Install Malware…

Security researchers have discovered a flaw in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding interface that allows hackers access using Microsoft...

Emotet�s goal: drop Dridex malware on as many endpoints as possible

Emotet arrives as a malicious email attachment and tries to steal your online banking credentials

Cyberattack Leaves Millions Without Mobile Phone Service in Venezuela

A massive cyberattack that took down government websites in Venezuela earlier this week also has left seven million mobile phone users without...

Patched Flash Player Sandbox Escape Leaked Windows Credentials

One of Tuesday's Flash Player patches was a do-over after the researcher who privately reported the problem earlier this year discovered the...

Juniper Issues Security Alert Tied to Routers and Switches

Juniper warned Thursday of a high-risk bug in the GD graphics library used in several versions of its Junos OS.

Ukrainian Man Arrested For Distributing NotPetya Ransomware And Helping Tax Evaders

Ukrainian Video-Blogger Sergey Neverov Arrested For Spreading Petya (NotPetya) Ransomware|By The Hacker News

More than 1,000 Spyware Apps Found On Android App Stores

Over 1000 SonicSpy Spyware Apps Found On Google Play Store And Android App Stores|By The Hacker News

Recently Patched Flash Bug Can Leak Windows Credentials

Earlier this week, Adobe patched a vulnerability in Flash Player that allows an attacker to use malicious Flash files to leak Windows credentials.