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  • King of all I surveyMarch 2007 to present
    I basically sit here and tell people what i think.. its great, unless your the one I'm telling off...
    actually its a lot like Cheers but instead of knowing your name I give you a new one...
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  • turn one:

    Play land go.

    I am married to Melissa Politis ( once Perez) bloody Spanish; we have a beautiful baby daughter (Hannah) who just had her first birthday (16/10/07); we also have a son just born (30/11/07).
    The boys at the shop have made plans for a get buff '08 program (we decided get fit sounded to girly.)
    2010 - still a work in progress
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  • "When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, you . . . When you can’t do that . . ."

    "You find someone to carry you."