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The proposed, and probably final, cover for my new book, due out in January, 2019.

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This website is maintained by J.P. Smith, author of <i>Airtight</i>.

My article, just out today, on Beryl Bainbridge in The Millions:

Bainbridge had no airs about her. For her, being a writer was simply about the end product, not the person behind it.

My latest blog post has landed:

This website is maintained by J.P. Smith, author of <i>Airtight</i>.

Just finished reading Javier Marías's new novel, Thus Bad Begins. I'm a big JM fan, but I began this feeling a bit let down. There was an iciness to the prose, in the distance between the characters, but after fifty pages I began to get it.

Though, as in his previous novels, much of the plot hinges on something seen, something heard, something said, something surmised, this story grows in warmth, and, by the end, displays its heart in a way not often seen before in his novels. Not sure when it's coming out in the US, but to those who like his work, I warmly recommend it.

A little shameless flogging for my fourth novel, The Discovery of Light, which is part of a special mystery and thriller deal at Amazon.

Originally published by Viking, it was a Barnes & Noble Discover title in 1992. In their full-page review of it, the Boston Globe wrote: “The Discovery of Light, J.P. Smith’s fourth novel, may be his most ambitious work so far. Smith characteristically provides a compelling, suspenseful plot featuring attempted murder, deception, suicide and... adultery. But he adds another dimension in his new book: a counterplot about the nature of art and the creative spirit that is a homage to painter Jan Vermeer.… But writing a compelling, intricately woven novel of suspense and human relations does not suffice for Smith—he takes this a step further. ‘None of us deserves the banality of real life,’ he concludes on the last page. ‘For us there is only the richness of art.’ ”

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Divorced American academic David Reid teaches English by day and spends his free time writing mystery novels that nobody reads. In London he meets his new editor, Kate. Blonde and beautiful, she is also mysterious and aloof—and soon captivates David.The feeling seems mutual and the two are...

My review of Lawrence Osborne's Hunters in the Dark:…/dhamma-bums-a-review-…/

A few years ago a psychologist friend asked me if I was a gambler. Back in my first two years of college in a small Midwestern town—an accidental choice,

Here's my latest review in The Nervous Breakdown, of playwright David Hare's memoir, The Blue Touch Paper:…/facing-the-firing-sq…/…

There was a time when, at least in England, theatre mattered, and by theatre one must also include television drama and plays written for radio; in those days a

Just finished a new script, The Drowning, based on something that happened to me when I was eight years old. Maybe now it can pay off!

My article on 2014 Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano, published this week at The Millions:…/portrait-of-the-artist-as-a-yo…

1. I remember when I began to hate Patrick Modiano. It was in November, 1978. Lingering at the newsstand next to the old Arts Cinema in Cambridge, England, waiting to catch a matinée and leafing through the latest copy of the magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, I came across a photo that soured my entir…

UK readers, please note that until the end of August, Amazon is including Airtight in a promotional offer. Easy Rider meets Mad Men. To see what happens next, check it out here:

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Into the final section of Eldorado, in which I shamelessly plunder an entire sequence from an unpublished novel dating from c.1988 (The Blue Hour came out instead). This is the sequence that both my British and American agents separately said had left them profoundly shaken. Good reason to resuscitate it.

Amazon has added my 1995 novel The Discovery of Light to a month-long promotion. It was chosen as a Barnes & Noble Discover title that year, was widely and positively reviewed, and went into 2 printings as a Penguin paperback.…/…/ref=sr_1_37…

An excerpt can be found here:…

Just received the galley of Patrick Modiano's slim autobiography, Pedigree, which I read some years ago and has just been translated into English. I'll be reviewing that alongside his first three novels, also translated, and due out in September. It'll be up on, where I've written on Patrick Modiano before. I'll also be drawing on Denis Cosnard's masterful Dans la peau de Patrick Modiano.

Attention senior citizens! I have been informed that Amazon is making all of my titles, as trade paperbacks, audio and ebooks, available at a handsome discount to members of AARP.

As I am not a member of this organization, being only 23, I am happy to see the elderly have this opportunity to read my nostalgia-tinged Airtight, my smartass novel about Vermeer and murder, The Discovery of Light, or my other novels, which will give you nightmares until your last breath. Go out with a bang! Buy one of these! Buy them all!

Thanks to the Kindle promotion, Airtight has soared in sales today. Always nice to get new readers.