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  • Class of 1989Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  • Class of 1971Vienna, Virginia
    (J.Randall) The begining of a long hard journey for others - I didn't realize the shame of it till 1987. God's great grace!

    I hope the other's will someday come to the realization of who "Jesus, Really Is"

    I pray continually as these faces of individual I was personal with over these next 16 years come before me - If by chance, you are one of them - please, forgive me, and find the strength of newness of life in Christ Jesus.
    The truth is John 3:3-8
    The True Faith; Christ living in you!
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  • J. Randall Burn, Age: 65, That would be 65 earth year & the past 30 of them have been hidden in Christ. He who the Son set's free - Yes freedom and peace with God - Free Indeed! There's no distance in the Spirit - Read the book of Acts (NT) -The value of the Gospel message.
    If for the salvation of just one - each soul is priceless!

    America appears to be losing grasp of the Gospel hope.

    As the Dispensation of Grace is in it's final hours, religion of man's invention and deception have persuaded millions into the paths of spiritual darkness.

    Personal accountability is required of each soul to know the Truth.

    Only One Name has been given by which the spiritual business of salvation, guidance, healing, and restoration to God can be accomplished. Jesus Christ. The standard was set high and in full view and declared the Way, Truth, and Life.

    My business is Truth, a knowledge of such truth only begins with a reverential, and truth seeking relationship that fears offending God.
    God is Holy, Righteous, and Just in all of His way's in dealing with humanity.

    Yes, the end of the "Age of Grace" is unfolding right before our eyes! ******************USA is in Big Trouble****************

    My top Money interests: Gold and Silver Have I not - But what I have, priceless! Sold out 4 Jesus.

    My top Sports teams and interests: Cleveland Indians - love the underdogs - By the way How's Jesus doing in your life?

    My top Life and entertainment interests: A Spirit filled breath of Life imparted - Laying hands on the sick, seeing blind eyes opened

    My top Travel spots and interests: Where ever the Spirit of Christ leads. Generally right in front of my nose: The missions field awaits!

    My top Tech gadgets and interests: The web - seeing folks get free from this world's present darkness.
    Salvation in Christ Jesus starts here - John 3:3-8/Romans ch 6
Favorite Quotes
  • I came that you might have life; That life which is more Abundant.
    John 10:10
    Life experienced on both sides of the soul: slavery to sin/life in Christ.
    Joh 8:36 "So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

    I say, Yes Lord! 2nd Corinthians 3:12-18